" Prelude to Requiem For A Dream "
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30150.1720

Relieved of her position overseeing Shar’el. There was little evidence, nothing to trace that she, the ILO, had ever even been there at all only moments ago. As the USS ANUBIS completed its connection to NEW ALEXANDRIA, Mizore looked with a heavy expression.

“I still have much to do. So unless there is anything else I can do for you, assist with, or that you might require. I trust you know the way or are capable of seeing yourself out Counselor Dalziel.”

Her dual chromatic eyes rested on the CNS, glancing toward the door, then stared back at Eve, slowly raising her left hand, pointing with a single finger toward the exit. Seska nodded her intention toward the woman. Assuredly convinced there was nothing left for Eve, or any reason in particular, or purpose the Cardassian might linger or remain in Main Sickbay.

Seska’s temper still burned within or inside her, when it came to the subject of Eve, leaving her opinion of the CNS unaltered and resistant to change. She could not decide what effectively bothered her more. That Dalziel thought so little of her, having been so quick to snap judgement. Using her rank as a superior officer and position as senior officer as a means to issue threats of having her dismissed and removed, only showed the ACMO just how little Eve thought of her, as a person, a fellow member of the crew, or as a medical officer, or that the Cardassian seemed or appeared to lack any sense of empathy for Shar’El, her condition, and existence during the long episode. Mizore could not say for sure.

Whatever respect and courtesy Mizore would offer or extend to the Cardassian, was now more a matter of professional ethics as a member of starfleet, than an actual personal interest or desire to establish or maintain positive association with the woman.

“Ani.” Seska called to the avatar in a rather lackadaisical voice. “Please report the status of USS ANUBIS Intel Liaison Officer, Ensign Shar’El.”

=/\= Status of Ensign Shar’El is currently unknown as of 30150.1717. =/\=

“Understood.” Seska grit her teeth lightly, not having felt all to keen on having been removed in such a way from her charge. Not knowing the fate ILO that had been in her hands, and slipped from them as easily as water through a sieve or sands of an hourglass.

“Please report the location, whereabouts, or current position of Captain Erik Morningstar.”

=/\= The Commanding Officer, Captain Morningstar is on Deck One, Bridge, Captain’s Office.  =/\=

“Thank you, Ani.” Mizore’s expression softened, allowing a small, slight grin to appear, while she conveyed her appreciation.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck One, Bridge
Stardate: 30150.1727

Mizore arrived on deck, proceeding toward Morningstar’s last known location, quietly marching on the outskirts or perimeter of the bridge. Biding her time, she delayed, allowing her presence to be announced to the CO and she was granted permission to enter. Only when the door to the office shifted to open for her, would she proceed to advance within. Without making so much as a sound, showed the proper observance of protocol and respect to the Captain and his command.

“I apologize for the late hour and hope you will excuse the reason for my presence, Captain. I have only recently been relieved of or from overseeing the ILO’s condition.” Her posture almost rigid, standing at attention.

“While I am not sure if it is neccessary, or appropriate, I did not come empty handed. I suppose I come bearing gifts, and an offering.” Her mouth curled into a half cocked quirky partial smile of uncertain trepidation. The ACMO slowly extended her hands, reaching across the gap. At first, offering a tall, metallic cup of straight black coffee still hot in her left, a standard issue PADD containing a full medical report on the Ullian woman in her off hand.

" Here is everything I have to report regarding the recent status of the Intel Liasion Officer, Ensign Shar’El, before her recent and unexplained disappearance or absence from sickbay.”

Mizore seemed to stare a long while, silent as the moments fleeting passed between the two. She had hesitated, not having had time to really give the offer her utmost and proper consideration as she had hoped.

“Sir, about the position of Chief Medical Officer, I graciously accept, and am grateful for such an honor and opportunity. Provided that it is still what you want.” It was rather unfortunate, in that it had been something which caused the Bajoran considerable regret. Having not had the time to meditate on it or bring the matter to the Deified beings of her faith, the Prophets, prior to giving her answer.

As the fanfare sounded, notifying the arrival of another member of the crew, Mizore’s attention was caught, turning her vision toward the door to see the CSO. As the woman drew into the room, the ACMO  lowered her head, while tipping a nod, acknowledging the senior, superior officer on deck. Seska opened with her usual greeting, giving Shillian the typical customary Vulcan salute. “Evening, Lieutenant Commander Maya.”
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Thirteen, Crew Personal Quarters: Mizore
Stardate: 30150.1750

Mizore entered her space on the USS ANUBIS, appreciating the calming serenity and familiarity of the scene surrounding her. While not everything had been taken care of, the day was over and done. ‘Almost’

=/\= Ensign Mizore, you have a message awaiting your attention. =/\= Unmistakeably, it had been the humane voice of Ani that came over her comms. Something she was quite relieved to hear.

Seska rolled her eyes, expecting it had to be to the effect of a stay of duty. “ Very well, proceed. “ A softened gasp passing through her lips, in preparation for the worst or at least some sort of bad news.

=/\= Shall I summarize the contents, or display the entirety of the message for you? “

“Give me the short version, please Ani, if you would. Thank you. “

=/\= You have received an invitation to the Black and White Ball. =/\=

:: Oh for the love of the three celestial sisters, as if I have not been through enough in the last few days! :: Her hand collided with her head, with a loud resounding echo as she slapped her forehead in a facepalm motion.

=/\= Your attendance as well as your presence is mandatory and required. The specifics regarding the event can be found in depth and detail on the invitation itself, which has been delivered to you, and should be located in your quarters. =/\=

“ Oh, for Kai’s sake, just what I need. . . Really? “ Having allowed herself to comment with a noticeable degree of sarcasm. :: Why is this seriously happening to me? :: Seska found herself at a loss for words, while she wondered what in the Bajoran afterlife would give someone, anyone, the idea that ‘this’ was her ‘thing’, or that she had any experience in such formal social gatherings at all, what so ever. Having thought herself as civilized and refined on ettiquite as a Klingon with blood rage, by the typical standards of comparison to the high society stereotype.

Mizore scanned the spatial area carefully with an intense awareness for anything out of the normal, searching for anything that had not been there approximately twelve hours ago since she was last in her room. Startlingly sudden, her eyes had come to find a small, diamond white crystal attached to a silk cord on her bedside nyght stand. Raising it to eye level, it sparkled when touched by starlight in the panoramic view of endless space that lie just outside the plate window.

In perfect hand written calligraphy script, it read:

The Black and White Ball.
High Formal Affair to be held at NEW ALEXANDRIA on Stardate 30151 commencing at 2100 hours.
Gentlemen to dress in a Black tuxedo with tailcoat, and black shoes.
Ladies to wear gowns of white, gemmed or jeweled accessories.

A yawn slipped from Mizore as it passed from her lips, still holding to the crystal in her palm as she fell to her bed, slipping from reality in to the realm of dreams.

[ To be continued. . . ]

Gwen Spellblade

Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer