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"When You Wish Upon a Star"
[Previously "Making A Decision"]
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Setting: Risian Cruise Ship
Stardate: 30150.1830

Andromeda T'Leia was aboard the Risian Cruise Ship making preparations for the Black and White Crystal Ball.  It was her duty to assist people requiring help with Ball Gowns, accessories and Tuxes.  She turned to look at Elita, from New Alexandria she looked lovely in a A-line white gown with long flowing caped sleeves chiffon and vulcan silks.  She smiled at T'Leia and said.  "This is the gown for me, and now to address my hair."

Risian Hosts took Elita away to the spa for a day of pampering.  T'Leia wondered how many of the ANUBIS and other ships personnel would take advantage of the Haute Couture shops on the luxury liner.  

She wondered what Elan and Captain Iverson and the rest would wear.  T'Leia found the anticipations of the Ball were as agreeable as the ball itself.

She went for her spa appointment and sat down in the Manicure-pedicure chair, the relaxing pedicure soak was agreeably comfortable to her sore feet, even Vulcans appreciate pampering they are just not apt to speak of such things, it was a private matter.

As she relaxed in the pedicure chair her mind wondered to the exciting prospects of Serron and Wilton Cloudt Eagle and perhaps a chance to make plans to meet up again in a few months maybe a year, they should at least meet at a Starfleet meeting.  She mused vulcan style as she let the Risa Spa hostesses take care of her hands and feet, then she would get a message and a soak in the Risian mudd soaks...

Renda Carr

Ens. Andromeda T'Leia, M.D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
NCC 18501