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"Making A Decision"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ya'Han Quarters
Stardate: 30150.1830

The ANUBIS was finally home and everyone had gone to take care of their own departmental and personal business.  The news of the unexpected disappearances of Ensign Shar'El and Doctor Doyanne had travelled quickly through the ship, but there had been little that anyone could say or do about it.  Speculations ran wild as did the theories behind them, but in the end it had all been futile.  To debate the reasons why or the methods how this had happened had been a complete waste of time, something that the Chief of Security knew all too well.  So the dark haired woman had done her best to push the entire matter out of her thoughts not wishing to lose any time on something that she could neither control of affect.


During the journey home no rules had been left unbent to get the ILO back as fast as possible so that there had been some hope that she would be saved.  The simple fact that the unconscious woman had been swept out of sickbay so quickly had actually been a good thing.  At least that had been the general consensus, the greater majority having agreed to believe that this meant someone had been watching over the Ensign's overall well-being.


That the same thing had happened to Doctor Doyanne had also indicated that her research had indeed held some level of importance to the administration of the NEW ALEXANDRIA base. It made sense for those who had found themselves questioning why this had happened had quickly decided to fall under the banner that this too had been a good turn of event..


With the ship and all of its tactical systems properly secured, Ya'Han had decided to tackle something that had also come across as having been of a certain importance to the entire NEW ALEXANDRIA complex; the upcoming Black and White Ball.  The first and most important task that the Chief of Security faced in that regard had been the selection of a proper dress for the occasion.


Ya'Han's slender fingers brushed through her long purple locks as she look through a wide selection of possible dresses that could be worn for the ball.  The simple and efficient designs of some made the Chief of Security think of her duties and responsibilities on board the USS ANUBIS, while the more elegant and grandiose dresses made her recall the life that she had abandoned of her own free will.


As the daughter of the High Sovereign of NYLA IV, Ya’Han had been fully trained in the proper etiquette required for all official functions, while her status demanded that she be dressed to the highest possible degree of elegance. Unfortunately for the woman, the selection of garments for such functions had always been selected for her by servants according to the High Sovereign's specifications and wishes.  Here on the USS ANUBIS, the Chief of Security had been alone to make a decision that she felt rather ill equipped to make.


The discouraged redheaded woman carefully studied the more simple designs thinking about how restricted her movements would be in them should a security situation arise. Although the ball would not be held on the ANUBIS or even on NEW ALEXANDRIA, her expertise in that particular field and trained reflexes would be the first to surface in any moment of crisis.


Dismissing the idea that anything of the sort could or would actually happen during this event, Ya'Han decided to look at the dresses from a more entertaining perspective.  As the emerald haired woman looked through the various styles on display, she imagined herself dancing in each of them, trying to see which would allow her to put on the most alluring and delightful show.


With so many possibilities and reasons behind each, the black haired woman sighed as she leaned back into her chair.  As much as she wanted to make a decision on this, Ya'Han found it impossible to do so as each dress reminded her of either a life that she had left behind or of responsibilities that had become hers following her graduation from Starfleet Academy.


That she liked it or not, Ya’Han admitted with regret that she would need help in making a final choice as to which dress she would wear to the Black and White Ball.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer