"Crystal Slipper on the staircase."
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Setting:  New Alexandria, Section C2: Level 3  Observation deck
Stardate:  30150.1715

Ensign T'Leia, stood watching the USS ANUBIS as it arrived, while she did not smile a broad smile as Humans and other more emotionally driven species would; she did allow her lips to do a small curl so slight that 'NO ONE' but another Vulcan or a close friend of T'Leia's would ever see the slight curl of the lips.

Turning as Elan spoke, she nodded and replied.  "Aye, a fine ship.  It is an honor to serve."  And as the words trailed off her lips, she thought back to those missing.   Her eyes had a slight darkening to them, nothing a casual observer would notice, she was more Vulcan than human in demeanor, years of training and cautioning by her Father, had given over to the young woman of today.  Her bone china features a glow with the life within, the human emotions that no one else could see.

Andromeda T'Leia looked around as the Comm called out her entire name, and said.  

=/\=  Ensign Andromeda T'Leia you have visitors arriving on the Observation Deck. =/\=  

Turning around, she saw the blonde hair and the tall structure that is Serron, he closed the gap between them in a second and bowed slightly, his eyes giving away nothing, his hand gently taking her index finger and middle finger underneath his index finger and his middle finger.  Speaking softly he announced.

"It is an honor to greet thee once again, Andromeda T'Leia!  I am your servant."

Andromeda T'Leia bowed slightly and replied.  "It is an honor to be seen, and I am thy servant as well,  Sir."

To the emotional species observing, they could not see nor feel nor telepathically understand the level of meaning, and subdued emotions of two old friends greeting and seeing the other once again, once upon a crystal slipper, once again a dance to see...  Time would tell.

And then, from behind Serron, another handsome figure stood.  Andromeda T'Leia turned to look as she heard....

"Rommie, it has been while."  Wilton Cloudt Eagle walked casually up to Serron, T'Leia and bowed.  Taking her other hand in his,he kissed it gently and said.  "I am your servant to command forever, or at least throughout the Ball, My Lady."

T'Leia nodded and replied.  "I am you humble servant Wilton, command me."

She then turned to the others and said.  "Elan, Captain, everyone, It is an honor to present to you all, Ambassador Serron and Captain Wilton Cloudt Eagle from the Proto-type fleet  The 214th SF/VC Black Sheep."

Elan and the others greeted the two men, and casual talk commenced.

T'Leia, found a quiet corner and with meditation let her heart still within her breast, her two friends here at last......

Serron and Wilton while chatting with the others and being gracious newcomers, their eyes would find Andromeda T'Leia, they were both friends, yet both suitors one girl, as Cloudt Eagle would say.  Serron, would say, "She is half Vulcan we have more to guide us along the pathways."  

Wilton would reply.  "She is destiny, and I doubt any man can hold onto destiny."

Renda Carr

Ensign Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical officer