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Setting: USS SPHINX, Command and Control
Stardate: 63073.1945

The young woman sat at the control station of the SPHINX, a craft designed to be a mobile command center for away mission holding all of the primary necessities while remaining as compact as possible. Depending on the mission profile this craft could become a home away from home, but the red headed CO doubted very much that this would be such a mission. Time had been their enemy from the start… and despite the recent calm Rikar doubted that they would have any great deal of time to find the PARADOX and resolve this matter.

"I did not get the chance to comment on your disguise Captain," the Shillian who sat at the auxiliary control station offered as she glanced in the redhead's direction. "The Jorelian freighter captain look really suits you."

Rikar laughed out loud. "Thank you Commander," the CO replied with an amused shake of her head. "Your overly generous praises are much appreciated, but the truth remains that this is the least original disguise, and one that will require me *months* to get the red tint off my skin. Your idea to go as a Founder was nothing short of a stroke of genius… one that I would suspect Enaii would have been most impressed with."

"This disguise will be effective only as long as no one places me in a situation where I would have to prove who and what I am," the CSciO countered with, the seriousness in her voice hinting to the woman's nervousness.

"That holds true to most of the disguises the Senior Staff has hoped for," Rikar stated. "Lea may appear as a survivor of the Rutian GIDDA plague, but a quick bio-scan would reveal that she is not a carrier of the disease… not to mention that she is not even Rutian. Akira's Romulan appearance will for sure give her a fair amount of freedom in moving about the trade center but it would not take much for an experience Intel operative to know that she is not Tal Shiar or even Romulan. Adriana's Kerelian betrothal dress is sure to make people talk, but all it will take is one drunk bachelor to expose her as a fraud. We will all need to be very careful during our stay at the trade center and rely on the element of surprise to gather as much information as we can."

Before the Shillian could come up with another counter argument, the young woman placed the SPHINX on autopilot and made her way to the back of the craft where the rest of the Senior Staff had gathered for the short trip.

"We are about 15 minutes away from the asteroid that holds the trade center," the red-skin disguised CO announced as she walked into the room. "To avoid drawing unneeded attention to us and in order to cover as much ground as possible, we will be beaming down to different sections in groups of two. Unless your disguise permits it, avoid contact with each other but keep an eye out for trouble. This location is normally a rough kind of place, and with the temporal anomalies wrecking havoc it will likely be worse."

"No problem," the Kzinti Chief of Security chuckled nervously, her twitching ear having been a dead giveaway that her feelings had not matched her words. "We get in… rattle a few cages… get the Intel and get out."

"You can always tell those Officers who are going on their first Intel mission," Doctor Summers stated as she rejoined the group having left the solitude of the staging area after having heard the captain's voice.

"The teams will be as follows… Ensign Dalziel, you will be beaming down with Ensign Akira. Ensign Fanggot, you will be keeping an eye on Ensign Lopez and make sure that no drunken bachelor gets too close," the redheaded woman stated, her reference to a drunken bachelor having somewhat confused the Kzinti woman. "Doctor Summer you and Commander Maya will be beaming down together while Lieutenant Fairborn and I will form the last team. Ensign Thomas will remain onboard the SPHINX to coordinate out efforts and will be on stand-by should something unexpected occur."

"Be sure to verify the proper working condition of your quantum field generator before beam down," the Oltharian stated, wanting to have some time should last minute adjustments be required.

"Team 1 will be beaming down in 10 minutes… get yourself ready," the redheaded woman instructed before she made her way back to the SPHINX's C&C.

Sabrina Jones (sabrina_sweet@hotmail.com)
Captain Sabrina Rikar
Commanding Officer

"We are Grey, we stand between the Candle and the Star, between the Darkness and the Light"
-Entilza Delenn, Babylon 5