"She Said"
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Setting: USS SPHINX, Staging Area
Stardate: 63073.1945

Lea had retreated to an empty area of the craft that would be taking the senior staff the rest of the way. For some reason the CMO had begun to feel nervous about the mission. The strange part in all this had been that this had not been her first Intel gathering assignment.

After having returned from her first tour of duty doing deep space exploration, Lea had been approached by SFI.  From there she went undercover deep into Dominion controlled space to gather as much Intel as possible on the Founders and their minions.

To avoid her nervousness from betting the better of her, Lea took a deep breath and forced her thoughts to travel back to a time when things were simpler, easier.

Setting: EARTH, San Francisco, Starfleet Academy
Stardate: 50006.1215

Still feeling the pressure of having been accepted at Starfleet Academy, Lea had stepped out into the gardens after her first class of the day, her head filled with facts about many new races that she had no problems keeping straight.  The next four years would be challenging, but Cadet Summers didn't care, she had made it to where she had needed to be.

As she stepped onto the perfectly manicured grass, Lea noticed another Cadet approaching her, one that she quickly recognized has having been in her class.  There had been nothing special about the 5'7", brown eyed, brown haired man and she feared that he had came to introduce himself to her.

"Hello," the man said, his chest stuck out like some sort of animal trying to impress a potential mate.  "I'm Cadet Russell, but you can call me Adam.  We're in the same Alien civilizations class."  The Cadets' gazes locked for a moment as each thought about the possible outcome of this encounter.

[[Shoot me now,]] Lea thought as she saw a beaming smile appeared on his lips. [[I guess the next four years are going to be more difficult than I thought.]]

Setting: EARTH, San Fransisco, Starfleet Academy
Stardate: 53359.2245

Graduation day!  The last four years had gone by in the blink of an eye and now Lea faced the rest of her life as a Starfleet Officer. Ensign Summers sighed at the man sitting next to her knowing that without Adam as a study partner she would have likely made it through the Academy an entire year earlier.

Now she had been granted a position on a deep space explorer, an assignment that she truly looked forward to especially for one very important detail, Adam would not be there by her side.

"Lea," Adam began as he nervously reached for the woman's hand. "I need to ask you something, something very important.  I know that you are thrilled with your assignment and that it is what you had wanted, but I would like for you to come with me to DS6," Ensign Russell said.

The request made by Adam triggered a lengthy silence between them that was filled with thoughts about what had just been said.  [[Please tell me that you are joking. I don't need you. I certainly don't love you.]]

The silence continued until Adam finally spoke once again.  "Please answer me."

Lea wet her dried lips and sighed. "I'm sorry. I can't ask for a transfer and I can't be what you want me to be," she replied before standing from the table and leaving Adam alone and heartbroken.

Setting: USS SPHINX, Staging Area
Stardate: 63073.1950

Lea leaned back against the wall she had been sitting against.  That single decision had shaped the rest of her life and made her the person that she was today.  She had been alone, traveling the galaxy while secretly seeking companionship.

As good as things had been, Lea could not stop wondering what her life would have been had she said yes.

Tiffany Reeve (lady.tiffany.rose@gmail.com)

Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer