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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30150.0930

With the ANUBIS rushing back home to NEW ALEXANDRIA and the Black and White Ball, the crew's attention had not been entirely on their duties.  Without the risk of being fired upon or pulled again into another dimension, things had been quiet and relaxed.

Jayson sat at the Operations station and frequently made sure that the mount of information that had been downloaded from the ILO's mind had not found a way to interfere with the ship's systems. Starfleet had a rather long history of computer and ship issues that had begun with harmless data downloads.  Right now though, it seemed that only the sheer volume of the data had been of concern.

"Still expecting that information to somehow take over the ship?"

The tone of voice from the Chief of Security had been sarcastic enough to make the OPS officer know that it had been meant as a joke.  The problem was that he did not think it had been something to be taken so lightly.

"The memory banks have been isolated from the core processing system and vital areas.  Maybe I am being paranoid, but I would rather not take a chance. There is just too much about that data that we know nothing about."

Jayson shot a cold glare towards the black haired woman, not understanding why of all the people on board he had to justify his being cautious to the Chief of Security.

"Relax, I am genuinely impressed by the security measures you have put into place.  I was just making an observation of the fact that you are monitoring that data as if it were some sort of living entity ready to jump at the first thing that would move too close to it."

An uneasy silence filled the bridge as he looked directly at her before finally relaxing his posture.  As much as he might have wanted t admit it, Ya'Han had been right.  Maybe he had been a little on the excessive side of things in regards to the information that had been downloaded from the ILO's mind.

"I would feel better if Commander Maya could take a look at this though.  As the Chief Science Officer, she might be able to see something that we are all missing."

"Right now Commander Maya is busy helping Doctor Doyanne with her research.  Given that the Doctor has not moved from there in ages and was visited by the Captain, I am truly curious as to what is happening down there."

Jayson just nodded his head.  He too had been curious as to the specifics of the Doctor's research but like the majority of officers, he had not dared to ask.  Taking into account just how much time Doctor Doyanne had invested into this specific research had been more than enough to have people curious and to keep them away for fear of interfering or being told to get out.

"I guess all we can do is hope that Commander Maya is able to help allowing her to return to the bridge soon."

Jayson had a double reason in his hope for the Chief Science Officer, one having been for the Doctor's sake and the other having been for his own.  There had just been something unnerving about having so much garbled data hanging in the ANUBIS' computer memory.

"If you want something different to occupy your thoughts, how about helping me pick a dress for the ball.  At absolute worst case  will at least know what *not* to wear based on your suggestions."

The teasing tone of the Chief of Security caused Jayson to roll his eyes.  Why had she found it so fun to teas and bug him so?  Still, he had to admit that as strange as the offer had been, it would at least give him an excuse to focus on something other than the ship's memory banks.


Jayson Sousa

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