"The Anchor Holds Esperanza!"
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Setting:  NEW ALEXANDRIA, Starfleet Opts Channels communications Station RESTRICTED Section A, Communications.
Stardate 30149.1930

T'Leia stood by the communications station and took the incoming call.  

=/\= Andromeda T'Leia,  Cloudt Eagle here, sending you greetings and the crystal ball going up on our side of the dance floor.  Cautions that attendees not eat or drink the catering black void.  I repeat, black void.  No reply necessary, Cloudt Eagle out. =/\= 

T'Leia made note of the encrypted message and sent word to Admiral Charles N. Koniki, for his encryption team.  She was very much aware of what the message meant, having worked with Cloudt Eagle and the rest of the Black Sheep, she understood exactly what he was sending.  She could not disclose it herself, but she sent the message to Koniki with her translation and he could verify it with his decyptors.  One thing it did tell her is that Serron, the Black Sheep and even everyone at New Alexandria were in the cross hairs of something so big and strong that New Alexandria and the Fleet stationed here were about to embark on a mission dangerous and questionable as to would they survive.

T'Leia thought about her last encounter with Cloudt Eagle,~ the handsome Cherokee Human, long black hair, eagle feathers tucked neatly into his hair, his starfleet uniform spik and span.  He and she walking along the garden on Esperanza, he a man without his beloved wife, still morning her passing and her image everywhere in the Ships, AI systems and the Ship Android Ranza.  T'Leia at times wondered how the man could command the ship that was the embodiement of what he had lost?  ~  She thought as she made her way out of the communications department.  

~Rommie, Cloudt Eagle had stirred her from her thoughts that day.  He took her arm and gave it a gentle squeeze.  You know the new mission you are embarking on can be dangerous, if you ever need our assistance, you have but to put this into a message and I'll be there.  T'Leia looked down at her hand, it held a emergency transponder chip with transporter technology specifically designed to beam to the Esperanza and to Cloudt Eagle if she ever needed to contact him.  Of course, I shall, but you know I won't have to.  And if thee ever needs me, here is a Vulcan alerter as well, coded to beam to me.  Wilton had kissed her hands and they walked onwards, he cut yellow roses for her, and they found the lake area of the gardens quiet, they sat together and talked about many things, and then Ranza had arrived and that hurt, stoic look took over Wilton's face, and it was time for her to leave.  As she made her way to the transport.  Wilton kissed her lips gently and said.  Be well, Rommie T'Leia you take a part of my heart with you.  Then they were parted, friends and colleagues much space between them, and yet why did he feel so close?~

T'Leia returned to her work, and preparing for destiny.

Renda Carr

Ens. Andromeda T'Leia
Ast. Medical Officer