"Something Blue"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor
Stardate: 63073.1935

Not wanting to be late for their departure to the trade center, Lea and Adriana had rushed out of Sickbay. The aCMO had remained quiet, stunned by the disguise Doctor Summers had forced onto her assistant. On her side, the CMO had grabbed the civilian clothes she had intended to wear on their way out. The two women remained perfectly silent during their dash to the nearest turbolift.

Once at their first destination, Ensign Lopez took a moment to think while they waited. "Lea," Adriana said in a trembling voice before the turbolift doors finally opened. "I'm having second thoughts about this outfit. Maybe we could go back and look at something else?"

"No time for second thoughts," the CMO said as she pushed the aCMO inside the turbolift pod. "I don't even have the time to dress," Lea added as she followed her assistant and the doors closed behind them. "Deck 26," Doctor Summers instructed the computer before she began to remove her uniform.

"What are you doing?" the aCMO gasped, not at all sure as to what Doctor Summers had in mind.

"Hold this," Lea said instead of a reply, having tossed a ragged blue dress towards her assistant.  "I was so preoccupied with getting you the perfect disguise that I forgot to get myself dressed. I'll just need a minute or two."

"You are going to be wearing *this*?" Adriana gasped as she studied the garment in its entirety. The fabric within her grasp felt old, almost dirty, which perfectly matched the appearance of the dress.

"Why wouldn't I?" the CMO replied as the last piece of her uniform was tossed onto the floor.

"Because it looks like something a leper would have worn. I mean back in EARTH's ancient days that is," Adriana said, unable to draw her eyes from the dress.

"Pretty close," the CMO added as she took the dress from her assistant. "That dress is a duplicate of the type that was very popular on the Rutian planetary outpost of GIDDA."

"GIDDA! Wasn't the population of that outpost decimated by some sort of mutated plasma plague?" Adriana said, instinctively rubbing her hands as if trying to wash them clean of whatever the dress might have left behind.

"Nearly 90 percent of the population perished inside a 36-hour period," Doctor Summers confirmed. "When the Rutian government investigated what had happened, they discovered only a few survivors. These were quickly found to be carriers of this plague which claimed the majority of the research and aid teams. The pathology of the plague showed that it was transmitted through direct skin-to-skin physical contact. To avoid this plague from spreading to their homeworld, the Rutian government exterminated all life on GIDDA."

"I still don't understand why you would want to wear this dress," Adriana said having completely forgotten about her own disguise.

"Rumors surfaced that a few survivors of GIDDA escaped from their world before the Rutian military arrived. Although none have been found, many are still wary about them being out there. With a little change to my hair color and this dress, I believe that I will be able to pass for one of those survivors."

"You will either cause a riot or have every weapon wielding person in the trade center try to kill you," Adriana gasped. "I fail to see the advantage of this disguise for our mission."

"The pathology report showed that only Rutians were susceptible to this plague," Doctor Summers added as she straightened her dress. "I am hoping to play the *pity* card in gathering information. Maybe someone will have heard something about some time traveling ship that could help me save the outpost."

"You know something," Adriana sighed. "I really think you should let Enaii take care of coming up with disguises. Or anyone else for that matter."

Lea shot a glare at her assistant as the doors to the turbolift opened.

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer