"Shadows of Change"
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"Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides."
André Malraux

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section A, Level 9, RESTRICTED Meeting Room
Stardate: 30149.1930

Admiral Charles N. Koniki, former head of Starfleet Intelligence and current ranking officer of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex grinned ever so slightly as he watched two of his well known associates trade classified material.  Within the universe of Intel, words could rapidly prove to be fatal, so it was not at all unexpected to see veterans go about their business in complete and absolute silence.

As the head of the Intel base of operations, Admiral Koniki had been purview to a great deal of sensitive and highly classified information.  Some held such a level of secrecy that he would have to insure that the knowledge within his mind was well secured behind the telepathic barriers that he had spent decades developing.  As an ultra secret base located outside of the normal patrol routes of the Federation and countless other races, NEW ALEXANDRIA lent itself very well to such exchanges, providing a safe and secure environment for those very few who actually knew of its existence.

With the current business having been concluded, the aged Admiral in charge of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex broke his silence.  "Admiral Balren, I gather that you were able to secure the Risian Cruise Liner required for our upcoming ball."

"Of course," came the prompt reply, the high ranking officer trying to appear hurt at the fact that his abilities and resources had been brought into question.  "The Risian Cruiser Liner is equipped and staffed to your specifications with only a few missing items."

"Perfect," Charles nodded with approval, "I will have Commander Quint coordinate with you for what few items may be missing.  As much as I have the utmost confidence in your skills to find everything, I also know just how resourceful Quint can be in our times of need."

"Never underestimate the ability of a Ferengi to get something that he wants," Serron added having had experience with the race and their skills in obtaining anything they thought would, in one way or another, prove profitable to them.

"In the meantime you are all welcome to enjoy the hospitality of this base for the next couple of days," Koniki offered as Allyson, the Admiral's own blonde haired secretary entered the room.

"If you require anything, please do not hesitate to let me know," the smiling woman stated in her usual friendly and cheerful demeanor, Allyson having always been more than ready to assist and provide for anyone whom she came in contact with.  "Accommodations meeting your personal tastes have been arranged, and if you would care to follow me, I would be delighted to show you to them."

"Are you going to finally tell me where you found her," Admiral Rossen asked in a playful yet whispered voice of the NEW ALEXANDRIA's ranking officer.

"Would you believe me if I told you that she has always been here?" Koniki replied with a grin that made it clear that the Admiral had not been willing to divulge the information, at least not in a way that his friend would be able to decipher at this time.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Captain Morningstar's Quarters
Stardate: 30150.0600

The night had been a long one for no other reason than because of the Native American's own haunting thoughts.  Several issues of importance had been dropped on his administrative plate, each one possessing the potential of making life on board the USS ANUBIS a great deal more complicated.

Commander Maya's stepping down as Acting Executive Officer had not been an easy decision for the Shillian to make, and it left a rather sizable vacancy to be filled.  With no one able to take on this role from within the current crew, Erik feared who Koniki would assigned to that position and how this would affect the crew's dynamic.  The idea of the wrong officer in the right place filled Captain Morningstar with dread.

The reports surrounding Doctor Doyanne had been next on his mind, the Chief Medical Officer having apparently abandoned her duties and responsibilities to pursue a tireless research of the device that had been brought back from the moon of PI ALPHA III.

"Computer," the Native American began as he stretched his arms wide to ward off the muscle discomfort he had been experiencing.  "Locate Doctor Doyanne and Doctor Mizore," the Captain requested anticipating that he would need to speak to both officers in order to properly resolve the situation.

=/\= Doctor Doyanne is in Bio Chemistry Lab on deck 14. Doctor Mizore is in Sickbay on Deck 7. =/\= came the cold and mechanical reply of the ship's computer.

Erik sighed. It appeared that his primary target had been in the Bio-Chemistry lab the entire night leaving him with a single an unpleasant course of action.  After having made himself more presentable, the CO exited his quarters and headed down to Deck 14 to speak to the CMO in person, suspecting that she would not acknowledge an order for her to come up to see him.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 14, Bio-Chemistry Lab
Stardate: 30150.0610

The Native American had actually hoped that the computer had been wrong and that he would enter the lab to find it empty, instead he found the blonde haired woman completely enthralled in her research.  Even from where he stood, looking at her back, Captain Morningstar could see that the Doctor had not slept or taken any amount of rest since the device had been brought on board.

"Lillie, we need to talk," Erik began, hoping that a more direct and personal approach would prove more effective than that of a Captain addressing a member of his Senior Staff.

"I am actually surprised that it has taken you this long to come down here," the CMO admitted, never taking her attention away from the work she had been doing.  "All I can do is hope that you will understand and allow me to continue with this research, there are just too many lives at stake.  You know my situation and my ultimate goal, I just never thought that I would be given an opportunity like this so quickly."

Erik stood in the shadows of the dimly lit room as he continued to watch the Tarellian woman work.  It had been simple deduction to conclude that she had found something that held a possible cure to the plague that had ravaged her race and continued to label them as a people to be hunted and destroyed.  As much as he might have wanted to step in and try to bring the Doctor back from her quest, he knew that had the positions been reversed he would have acted in the same manner as she had.

"You still need to rest," the Captain pointed out.  "If you collapse out of exhaustion all of this will have been for nothing."

"I can rest when we have arrived back at NEW ALEXANDRIA and am able to utilize their research labs," Lillie said, her eyes and complete attention still on the device in front of her.  "Until then I cannot stop."

Erik rubbed his graying beard for a few moments as he considered what to say next.  "Good luck," the Native American eventually offered having decided that the woman's quest required him to be understanding beyond the demands of his rank and position.  From the Bio-Chemistry lab there had been only one place for the Captain to go in order to speak to the Ensign who would be the most affected by the decision he had been forced to make.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Sickbay
Stardate: 30150.0620

The Native American walked in to find Doctor Mizore performing scans on the ANUBIS' ILO who had somehow found her way into Sickbay.

"Is everything alright?" Erik inquired, thinking that something had taken place overnight.  The speed with which the Bajoran born woman turned and rushed towards her Captain had only indicated as to just how big that 'something' had been.

"Thank you for saving me having to go up to the bridge to see you about what happened last night," Seska began rather dryly, her rage filling every word and pause between them.  "I was ordered to do something that I did not want to do and had the Chief Medical Officer been there instead of me I suspect that there would have been at least two officers removed from duty for what they did."

"Slow down. Maybe it would help if you started from the beginning," the CO said, trying to calm the visibly upset Doctor.

Seska took in several long deep breaths and called upon her Vulcan training to offset the rage that had taken over her.  After a rather lengthy moment spent in complete silence, a calmer and collected Bajoran stood before the Captain of the USS ANUBIS and proceeded to explain in detail what had transpired the night before.  Doctor Mizore went on to explain how she had been 'ordered' by Lieutenant Dalziel and Lieutenant Paquette to help, her voice now laced with the tone normally associated with Vulcans.

"How is she doing now?" Erik inquired as he looked over his shoulder to the biobed on which the ILO had been resting.

"She is stable, but the information that was implanted in her mind is still there and I worry that it might cause some neurological damage," the Assistant Chief Medical Officer explained.  "I believe that her Ullian physiology has made it possible for her to survive this ordeal, but there is no way to know what the long-term effects will be."

"So the recording of these thoughts and dreams did not injure her in any way?" The Captain inquired sounding rather pleased that the ILO had not suffered during the procedure.

"She could have been," Seska countered with.  "There was no way to know."

"True," Erik admitted as he turned to once again face the Bajoran Doctor, "but to me it appears that she made it through thanks to your presence and desire to see her come out of this uninjured.  I think that is something that you should be proud of."

"I was ordered to do this against my will," Doctor Mizore huffed, her Bajoran personality having resurfaced over that of her Vulcan training.

"Had you not been there and performed as is your responsibility to each and every member of this crew, there would have been no one to monitor Shar'El's medical condition," Morningstar said matter-of-factly.  "Should she have been in any real or serious danger, you could have called for either myself of Doctor Doyanne.  Instead, as you explained to me, you noted your objection but remained for the well being of our Intel officer."

"I was not truly given a choice," the Bajoran offered, knowing withn her that the argument had already been a losing one.

"I am sure that both Officers would have given you ample reasons and a satisfactory explanation had there been more time.  It looks to me as if you did a great job bringing her through this Doctor," the Native American offered, his thoughts already ahead as to what he would say next.  "From where I stand, you have distinguished yourself and acted in a very professional manner despite a difficult situation.  I will check with both Lieutenant Dalziel and Paquette to get briefed on this matter and the reasons for their actions.  That said, and as far as I am concerned you deserve to be praised for your actions in assisting them and insuring that Shar'El pulled through.  You have shown the skills and dedication required from someone who can be in charge of this Sickbay."

Seska paused for an instant as she looked at the Native American as if trying to make sure that she had correctly understood what had been said.  "Doctor Doyanne is in charge of *this* Sickbay," the Bajoran Doctor stated, her words having been spoken with hesitation and confusion.

"Doctor Doyanne has taken on new responsibilities leaving the position of Chief Medical Officer open," the Captain explained.  "I was hoping that you would accept taking over.  I don't need an answer now.  Think about it and advise me before the end of the day as I will need to know if we have a new CMO when we arrive at NEW ALEXANDRIA.

Seska hesitantly nodded her understanding and offered a simple smile as the Native American made his way out of Sickbay.


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