"Crystal Invitations"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Inside Admiral Balren's private yatch
Stardate: 30149.1830

T'Leia beamed aboard the Admiral's yacht and was greeting by the Admiral and his Wife, they were bringing the very special 'Invitations'  each one had specific significance within the lovely crystal invitation, everyone brings their crystal to the Ball and at midnight a surprise happens.  T'Leia, found her's and slipped it inside her carry bag.  She helped Mrs. Belren using the transporter beam the invitations to the guests, of course everyone had their standard starfleet comm message invitation, but these were the ones that the attendees, carry with them.  

T'Leia, looked up as Mrs. Balren brought in tea and scones, the two ladies sat and sipped the tea and discussed the ball, it's decorations and the fact that a special Risian Cruise Liner had been brought in for the festivities.  "Oh, Andromeda T'Leia, this is going to be one of the best balls yet, and the charity fund this year is once again the Star Fleet UFP Orphaned childrens homes throughout the UFP."

"A worthy charity."  T'Leia said quietly.

The two women worked on the rest of the goodies for the Ball, and the Admiral's wife showed her the gown she would be wearing, "I just loved this gown when I saw it."  Mrs. Balren said with a giggle.  Oh,   Serron has arrived, he is with my husband at the moment, and I must say he is as handsome as ever, that long blonde hair, his muscles and those eyes."  Mrs. Balren gushed.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section A, Level 9, RESTRICTED Meeting Room
Stardate: 30149.1930

Serron made his way into the Admiral's office.  Nodding to his friends, several Admiral's were in the meeting.  The doors closed and the secret meeting began.

Serron handed off his reports to Balren.  Nothing much was said in these closed door meetings, information passed along, and general reports and updates.  

Admiral Rossen handed Serron a packet with the classified markings of 'Temporal'  Serron placed it into his robe, and nodded.  No words necessary here everyone knew the score of each project and potential battle or diplomacy mission, medical mission, etc.  

Balren sided up to Serron and said.  "Well, once again we about to have another one of the big wing dings, I think they get bigger every year, but I still enjoy watching the ladies walk into the ballroom standing on the large stair case waiting to be announced."  He said and winked.

Serron nodded and replied.  "Indeed, the ladies are the best event of the evening, all looking like precious ornaments."

Renda Carr

Ens. Andromeda T'Leia
Ast. Medical Officer