"Giant Amongst Us"
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<<During a time of great chaos where past and present meet, warriors from the shadows will travel through the stars unseen to right what had been made wrong.>>
- 112th Prophecy, written by Ukalli and transcribed into the T'Kon book "Stars of Tomorrow" some 5000 years ago.

Setting: USS ANUBIS: Deck 29, Specialized Craft Storage Area
Stardate: 63073.1935

Elan stared at the Mobile Command Unit known as the SPHINX and allowed his mind to travel back to days long gone by. Once upon a time, while the Oltharian had been a simple, inexperienced officer under the tutelage of joined Trill by the name of Callista Reo, Ensign Fairborn had been asked to take part in a similar mission as the one the crew of the ANUBIS now faced.

It was true that the mission led by Captain Callista Reo had not been as dangerous as the one the Oltharian would soon embark upon, but as a recent graduate of the Academy, any Intel mission had seemed to be as dangerous could be.

The Oltharian smiled ever so faintly as he remembered the rather interesting discussion he and the Captain had shared in regards to the disguise that would best suit the being of his size and attitude.

"Is everything alright Lieutenant?" Enisgn Dalziel inquired as the ANUBIS' Counsellor entered the room and approached the motionless engineer.

"My apologises," Elan offered with a deep bow in the direction of the physically altered Cardassian woman. "I was lost in memories of my first Intel mission."

Eve chuckled as she thought of her next words. "You never forget your first." the Counsellor stated. "I hope those were happy memories," Ensign Dalziel added to insure that their conversation would not venture onto another, more personal matter.

"It was an Intel gathering mission," the Oltharian replied. "A little like this one although we were not after a lost Federation vessel able to travel through space and time. The mission itself was not actually the focus of my thoughts, but the preparation for it."

"I'm guessing that you had trouble figuring out what role your alter-ego would play." The Counsellor stated easily understanding that hiding the giant's true appearance and gentle nature would have been a very difficult task, both then and now.

"During that first Intel mission I was assigned the role of a business partner who for all intents and purposes doubled as a bodyguard," Elan explained. "At least bodyguard in general appearance only, but that was never an issue as our Chief of Security accompanied us."

"I am sure that you did exceptionally well as a bodyguard," Ensign Dalziel offered as she looked up at the towering giant.

"Your appearance alone would be enough to make most people quickly reconsider any illicit actions against anyone by your side."

"Appearance alone might have been sufficient in a shady civilian outpost on the edge of Federation controlled space," the Oltharian sighed. "But I fear that my simple size may not be enough to dissuade some of the more tempestuous elements that we will encounter in the trade center."

"You have nothing to worry about Elan," Eve said with a playful smile and wink. "If there is anything I have learned about this crew thus far it is that each and every member of the senior staff is well capable of taking care of themselves even in the face of the most demanding of situations.

Whatever we end up against I am sure that we will succeed in our mission and find the PARADOX well before it is too late."
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Lieutenant Elan Talak Fairborn
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