"Moving On"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30149.1830

He sat at the Operations station, his eyes following the readout indicating how much of the ship's memory was being filled by the information extracted from the ILO's mind.  After his talk with Ya'Han, Jayson had thought it best to return to the bridge and supervise this personally.  There had been little that he could do outside the Counselor's officer, and even less had he gone back inside.

At least while on the bridge, the OPS officer could monitor the situation and offer whatever support might be needed.  With nothing else occupying his thought though, Jayson found himself thinking back to what Ya'Han had said to him while in the corridor.

::There is no way for any of us to know what will happen.::

Jayson thought back to Leena and the explosion that had taken her an their unborn child from him. Although he had not witnessed this first hand, the image had haunted him each and every day since.  How accurate the Chief of Security had been in saying that there had been no way for any of them to know what would or could happen.

::Whatever happens I know that we will be able to fix things and move on.::

Her words had not been exactly the same but closely mirrored what he had heard countless times before from Counselors while attending Starfleet Academy.  Dwelling on the past served no purpose other than wasting time and energy.  Jayson had needed to face reality and 'move on'. Maybe this had been why he had accepted Ya'Han's argument.

Taking risks and reaching beyond what we believed to be possible was an integral part of life.  If not, one would be doomed to remain in a single place, not physically but emotionally.  Had he not joined Starfleet, Jayson would not have found the means and strength to 'move on' from the abyss that he had been steadily sinking into.

The situation with Shar'El had been completely different, but still the fundamentals of the wisdom still found a way to apply.  Without taking risks, without reaching for what ha been seen as being impossible, Starfleet itself would not have come to be.  People would have chosen to play safe and never take any risks, forcing them to remain as they had always been.

It was the desire to reach for the impossible that allowed people to grow beyond their limits.  Jayson had become an entirely new person following his years in Starfleet Academy and still there had been a great deal of growth left for him to do.  The situation with Shar'El had reminded him of this and of the need to face the unknown instead of trying to hide from it.

Jayson's attention returned to the memory utilization display which continued to show a steady increase in the data being downloaded.  Right now the information had been without form, unable to be looked at in any way. This left the OPS officer to hope that someone would actually be able to decipher this jumbled mess and make some sense of it all.

Whatever concerns he might have had about the ship and its systems, Stark now realized that he had been far too harsh in his ideas which had been born out of nothing more than fear.  Judging by the sheer volume of data that had been downloaded into the ANUBIS' computer, it had been a safe bet that something worthwhile would be found.  Of course getting into the data and making sense of it all would prove to be the real challenge at this point.


Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark