"The Right Decision?"
(Cont. from "Focusing On The Good")

Setting: USS PARADOX, Cargo Bay 6
Stardate: 63073.1935

The Arcadian watched as father and child devoured the fruits that had been brought to them.  From the very beginning Anya had wondered if her decision to join the mission to discover and exploit the secrets of this ship had been the right on.  To be able to travel through space and time had held an indisputable attraction, but there had been more at stake than the simple riches the Selay had mentioned.

That fact had been its strongest in the eyes of Shawn, a young boy who had been drawn into this mess by no decision of his own, or even of his father.  Adam had decided to take matters into his own hands to insure the safety of his son as well as the countless other children out there who would see their lives turn upside down by temporal changes.  Of all the people in this galaxy, Anya suspected that Adam had been the one best to understand this unique situation.

"I doubt Sumariss will be gone for more than a few hours," Anya said, handing over the last of the apples to the six-years old boy.  "We will need to act quickly."

"Thank you," Adam smiled in a way that made the Arcadian know that her decision to side with the former Starfleet officer against her employer had indeed been the right one.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor
Stardate: 63073.1935

The Asian aCSciO made her way down the corridor en route for the transport craft that would be taking the senior officer of the ANUBIS to the trade center within the YUDARA SECTOR.  Dressed in simple and understated civilian clothes Aki reviewed the steps that had lead her to decide on this particular outfit and disguise for this Intel gathering mission.

Being as unnoticeable as possible while in the trade center would insure not attracting any unwanted attention that might prove to be detrimental to their mission.  Time after all had been against them and dealing with ruffians had not been something any member of the senior staff could afford to do.  On the other hand, being able to rapidly show strength and character could expedite the Intel gathering as people would follow their first impressions upon meeting a new arrival to the trade center.  Appearing small and weak had not been an option, but coming in like a crazed Klingon looking for a fight had been equally undesirable, so Aki had to find a delicate balance between the two extreme.

"Aki, is that you?" Elliot called out from a little ways back in the corridor which made the aCSciO stop in her tracks before slowly turning around to greet the rapidly approaching COO.  "Whoa, you look amazing."

"Thank you," Aki said rather disappointed that she had been so easily recognised.  "Amazing was not my intent here."

"That was not the way I meant it," Elliot quickly said in an effort to correct the situation.  "I meant that you look *amazing* in that outfit and that I think Captain Rikar is going to be pleased with your selection."

"I'm glad that you think so," the aCSciO said while she lowered her eyes and readjusted her clothes, "because to be entirely honest I am not sure that I made the right choice, but we do not have the time available to debate and review this matter."

"What do you think is wrong with the way you look?" the COO asked out of surprise having truly believed that the outfit and facial modifications had been perfect.

"I'm not entirely sure," Aki replied.  "Maybe it's just my nerves or maybe it is because I am not sure how those in the trade center are going to react to seeing someone like me walk into their domain."

"I wouldn't worry about that," Elliot said with a heartwarming smile. "No one in their right mind would challenge a Romulan who seems to have something to hide from the general population.  I know that I sure wouldn't get in your way if I was in their shoes."

Aki let out a faint sigh of relief as she and Elliot continued down the corridor, the aCSciO feeling a little more confident that she had made the right decision.

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