"Focusing On The Good"
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Setting: NEW EARTH, Settlement
Stardate: 61212.2230

It had been one year exactly since the survivors of the USS YORKSHIRE had found a new home on this planet, a year filled with joys, smiles as well as hardships and tears.  NEW EARTH as it had been christened had been an odd mixture of heaven and hell, with sceneries worthy of paradise and dangers imagined by cruelest of demons.

Adam leaned back against one of the large rocks that had been long ago rolled where they now stood to provide his hut with additional support.  The coolness of the stone felt good against his back after a long day in the field, and it was with peace that he gazed up at the stars knowing that his family had been safe.

"Gazing at the stars again?" Lea asked, her smile indicated that she had not been agree, but in fact supported her husband's preferred pastime.

"Just wondering if we'll ever find our way back to them," Adam replied in a dreaming way.

"Is our being here so bad?" Lea sighed as she sat next to her man. "We have a roof over our heads, food on the table and friends to share our daily accomplishments with."

"You're amazing," Adam smiled as his hand tasted the softness of his wife's cheek.  "You barely managed to save Josh's life after he ran into that hell spawn wolf-thingy and you still can find the simple beauty in us being here."

"It is better to focus on the good around you and smile rather than to only see the bad and wallow in sorrow," Lea said, her smile filled with such love and warmth that Adam felt it impossible to not agree.

"Never leave us," Adam begged in a whispered voice.

Setting: USS PARADOX, Cargo Bay 6
Stardate: 63073.1930

"Dad?" Shawn called out from within his father's arms.  "Is that nice lady going to come back soon?"

"She will," Adam replied in as much a reassuring way as he could while doing his best to hide his own uncertainty from his son.  It had been a while since the Arcadian woman had left the Cargo Bay with a promise to return.  Anya had offered her assistance to the father and his son and had vowed to help them in whatever way she could to insure that the PARADOX would not fall in the wrong hands.

Adam's head snapped up when he heard the sound of the cargo bay's large door open.  This had been a moment of truth in which he would know if the Arcadian could be trusted or if he would have to fight for the life of his son.

A faint sigh emerged when he saw the Anya alone and holding what appeared to be a bag of provisions.  With a wave of his hand in motioned for the Arcadian to join them, which she immediately did.

"Here," Anya said as she reached into the bag to fetch an apple which she handed to the young boy.  "I replicated some fruits and water for you both.  Since there had been no indication that anyone else had been using the replicators, I can imagine that you have been living off emergency rations."

"Thank you," Adam happily said as he accepted Anya's second apple. "Were you able to do anything else?"

The Arcadian shook her head clearly disappointed by her own lack of success.  "Sumariss is not the trusting type so I was unable to do anything, but you managed to do enough damage to the systems to force him to seek more *expert* help.  He left for the Trade Center a little while ago with a few of his men to search for engineers to help fix the systems.  This will give us a little bit of time and freedom to rest, eat and plan our next move.  I just do not know what that will be.  We are still outnumbered and will soon have to deal with more people including engineers to make our task complicated.  If Sumariss finds out about any of this, he will skin the three of us alive before jettisoning us out the nearest airlock"

"It is better to focus on the good around you and smile rather than to only see the bad and wallow in sorrow," Adam said as he took a large bite out of the apple that he had been given.  As much as he tried to be happy with the latest turn of events though, the death of his wife had left a void that Anya's friendship and help had been unable to offset.

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