"Hunting Attire"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 17, Hex's Quarters
Stardate: 63073.1930


Working hard to keep a scream from building up in her chest, the female Kzinti criticized her wardrobe. Not having expected to be using much more than her Starfleet uniform when she first left the Academy, Hex had made it a point not to spend on useless things such as clothing. Now, that choice was being regretted as the Ensign literally pawed through her things, looking for something suitable to wear.

What was found was even less than Hex expected. Aside from her Starfleet uniforms, the feline had only two other outfits. Pulling out the first, her eyes began to tear up with frustrated emotions and memories. [[Not that one... not ever,]] the Kzinti scolded mentally, folding the cloth back into a trunk which she then stored under her blankets for later scrutinizing.

Ears perking up slightly, Hex pulled out her only other option. It was old and probably a bit tight, but a bit of sewing and stitching would mend that easily, and she had more than enough time. Taking care not to drop the robes, the Kzinti reached deeper into her bags to find a small sewing kit she had become quite attached to.

Sitting in the lotus position on the floor in her cramped room, the Ensign began to sew. Her old Kzinti robes for hunting were still in very good shape, but they no longer fit the fuzzball's newly developed muscles and curves. Humming to herself a tune not even she recognized, Hex pulled her needle and gold thread through her clothes over and over again.

Finishing a few minutes later, Hex pulled the garment over her head and modeled her work. Not a stitch out of place, but not that concealing either. The short, light brown robe only fell down to the Kzinti's knees and was worn traditionally strapless. Small gold seams made it shimmer like a mirage in the desert.

All hunter Kzinti's wore light brown robes or possibly nothing at all while out on the hunt. The robes made them blend in with their sandy wasteland surroundings and made targeted prey more at ease when, and if, they were seen. Hex's robes were beautiful, but they represented a deadly strength that the Kzinti cherished.

Her black fur standing slightly on end in embarrassment, the Kzinti opened her door and let out a sigh of relief when she realized no one was in the corridor. Hex quickly made sure to secure the quarters before rushing toward the turbo-lift in hopes of acquiring it empty.

Looking back as she rounded a corner, the Ensign was met with a strong resistance in the form of a body. Crashing to the floor and struggling underneath her unknown attacker, Hex fought violently as strong arms held her down.

"Hush! They'll find me if you aren't quiet..." a low and hesitant voice begged as the Kzinti was suddenly released.

"Who'll find y-" her sentence was cut short as she looked up into the fearful eyes of the Klingon, know only as Karg. "What the... why aren't you in the Sickbay?"

"I came looking for you actually," Karg answered shortly, removing himself from the ground to sit upright.

"No need to worry about anyone finding you, the sensors here will tell them where you are if anyone were really looking." Hex stated bluntly, solidifying herself into a calm and cool exterior she would normally use.

"Then I don't have much time..." Karg muttered, casting his eyes downward.

"Not really, unless you plan to just sit here and say you were sleepwalking," Hex answered sarcastically, pushing herself onto her feet before offering the fallen Klingon a hand.

Karg chuckled slightly, but refused the Kzinti's hand and stood. "I came to apologize, and to thank you for your assistance earlier."

"There's nothing to apologize for, and I need no thanks from you at the moment Karg, I'm extremely busy." Hex noted, crossing her arms.

"Busy doing what? Playing dress up oh honored Starfleet officer?" Karg sniped gently, pointedly looking down at the Ensign's attire.

Blushing deeply, Hex snarled under her breath, "It's none of your business what I'm doing... besides, you shouldn't even be down here."

"So drop me off back at Sickbay, since I've said what I came here too." Karg suggested, shrugging his shoulder slightly.

"I will." Hex answered, glaring through narrowed eyes at the Klingon. There was more that met the eyes to him, but the Kzinti decided that it was better not to know.

Walking swiftly past the Klingon, making sure to grab his arm in passing, Hex thought of how very *thrilled* the doctors would be to have their visitor back. [[How am I going to explain why I had a Klingon passenger with me?]] the Kzinti thought, muttering to herself as she pulled Karg into the turbo-lift.


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