"Starlight Starbright First Star I See Tonight."
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Stardate: 30149.1630

T'Leia worked almost like a machine, finishing up her section of the sickbay for the day.  She picked up the PaDD going over the notes again and checking them off, she would meet with the Captain Iverson and Elan later on, as the hours ticked away and with a little human anticipation perhaps she held her breath waiting for a child's wish on a star to see what the Ball held.  She nodded politely to Iverson who in turn nodded respectfully.  

"Captain, we almost have this Sickbay at 100 percent, I would say by tomorrow late morning it will be complete."  T'Leia said quietly.

Iverson nodded gracefully and replied.  "Yes, it will be complete thanks to your efforts."

T'Leia nodded.  "I am honored to serve." 

As they walked along, making their way out of the ship and onwards to New Alexandria, T'Leia looked up to see a courier heading their way.   The little man bowed slightly and handed her a package, and a note.  "Thank you."  T'Leia said quietly and she looked at the Captain and at Elan who had joined them.  "Who could have sent this."  She half whispered as she found a table and set the box on it.  She looked at the note and with nimble finger's opened it.  The note inside, had the faint hint of musk and vulcan flowers, with just a touch of a special incense .  She read it.   

Andromeda T'Leia, when next we meet, be wearing these and I shall certainly know which beauty you are.   Your Servant, Serron.

T'Leia's hand trembled ever so slightly as she put the note on the table, and opened the box.  Inside deep within the tissue papers, an old jewelry box, as she opened it, the light hit the contents and a prism of rainbows filled the area.  T'Leia gasp every so softly as she looked at the jewels, she almost could not believe her eyes.  

Looking up at her friends the Captain and Elan she said quietly.  "Serron, has sent me his House's jewels from both houses the Vulcan and the Human.  Ohhhh....."  She looked back at the box, the complete suite of jewels from Earth the tiara rubies and diamonds, the matching necklace, bracelet and earrings, along with the Vulcan long robe necklace that matched the Earth jewels nearly exact, and the Vulcan rings and ankle bracelets.  

T'Leia looked up and said.  "I am near speechless."

Renda Carr

Ens. Andromeda T'Leia
Ast. Medical Officer