"Something Borrowed"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63073.1925

Lea, Adriana and Eve had returned to Sickbay to complete their preparations for the away mission. From what they had been told, the Trade Center within the YUDARA SECTOR had been a rough place. This was a location that any self-respecting Starfleet Officer would avoid if given half a chance. Of course being within Gorn space had pretty much insured that.

Using this knowledge as a starting point, the CMO, aCMO and CNS vanished into separate rooms. There they put the final touches on their outfits and alternate identity, not that the later had truly been necessary. As a member of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex their current identity had already been secret enough.

Doctor Summers had slipped out of her uniform and replaced it with something more low key. The earthly colored garment had not been all that flattering, but that had not been the point. Lea had made her selection based on comfort and functionality. As she looked onto the image looking back at her from the mirror, Lea grinned. The outfit combined with a make-shift field med-kit should not draw any unwanted attention to the CMO.

Pleased with her appearance, the CMO returned to the main treatment area.  Lea felt a wave of excitement as she noted that she had been the first to return. All that needed to be done now had been to wait for the others.

"What do you think?" Adriana asked as she presented herself to the CMO.

Lea remained silent, the shock of what she had just seen having been to much to put into words.

"Is there a problem?" The aCMO asked while she reviewed her own appearance to see if something had been out of place.

"Depends," the CMO chuckled slightly. "Do you want to find clues as to the PARADOX's whereabouts or be abducted and sold as a slave?"

"You think this is going a little overboard?" Adriana asked not truly having expected an answer. The outfit she had selected had not been all that revealing, but enough to draw a fair amount of attention to the aCMO. "I just figured that it would be easier to get some answers from people this way. It's not like I could wrestle the information out of them like Hex could."

"There are other ways to gather Intel," the CMO explained with a smile. Lea's experience and training in Intel had made that point clear many times. "Mata Hari might have charmed the information out of men, but she lived in a different time and place. Although you would certainly be able to get any men to talk, there are other things out there immune to such charms. Think about it this way; would a Gorn be more talkative if you sat across a table from it?"

"I hadn't thought of it that way," the aCMO said, the wind having been taken from her sails. "Maybe I am not suited for this Intel stuff."

"You'll do just fine," Lea reassured. "If there had been any doubts about your skills, Enaii would have already said something. Her continued silence is the best endorsement you'll ever get."

"It's too bad that she will not be there with us," the aCMO admitted. "I guess I would feel better knowing that she had been out there dealing with the difficult issues."

Lea chuckled. "Personally I am happy that Enaii will not be with us. That way I know that we have the best out there ready to swoop down to our rescue if things get really difficult."

"I hadn't thought of that either," Adriana said, feeling a little better than she had. "Now I just have to figure out what I'll wear."

"Come with me," the CMO said. "I may have something that you can borrow for this mission, something that you might find rather interesting."

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer