"Unexpected Gathering"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Counselor's Office
Stardate: 30149.1630

Shar'El laid still on the couch, her back flat and her head partially handing off the edge.  Eve had done her best to help the ILO calm herself down while Mizore had begun to set up the portable neural scanner that she had fetched from Sickbay after having been told what this had been all about.

"This device was never meant to record dreams," Seska pointed out with a sigh.  "Brainwave activities are extremely complex and there is no truly reliable way to know what it is what we may be recording."

"No worries, all you need to do is to record the brainwaves as they happen and shift," Lt. Paquette said as she walked into the CNS' office.  "After everything has been recorded we might be able to create a dynamic interface using one of the holodecks to give form to those electronic fluctuations taking place in that messed up head of hers."

"I heard that," the ILO growled softly.

"Thank you for coming so fast," Eve said, welcoming the CEO into the normally quiet room. "Shar'El was rather agitated when she came in and I thought it best to bring in everyone that could help. This is more than a simple counseling session and will require the highest levelk of expertise."

"No problemo Counselor," the redhead said as she put her engineering kit on the floor and opened it.  "You take care of the psycho-mumbo-jumbo stuff while Mizore and I will take care of the mechanical stuff.  Hopefully we can do this without frying missy's brain over there."

"I heard that," Shar'El repeated in a heavy sigh.

"Just relax," Eve kicked in right away, trying to avoid the ILO from agitating herself into a fit.  "Slow your breathing and focus on the memories of your dream.  Push everything out," the CNS added while shooting a glare to the grinning CEO.  "Try to recall a single image or even a single detail of that image, then expand on it,"

"I will try and stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for dreaming and memory," the CMO said in a whispered voice to warn of what she had been about to do.

"Be sure to make a recording of all bio-functions as well," the witty CEO whispered back, "we are going to need every little bit of data to help in creating an effective interface so that the computer can show us things that remotely make sense."  Sonja thought of adding something about the ILO's brain having already been too much of a mess for the computer to do anything with but thought against it as she saw the cold grey eyes of the CNS staring down at her.  It had been as of Even had known what the redhead had been thinking.

"What is going on in here?" Ya'Han asked with wide opened eyes as she walked in.  The computer had informed the Ensign that the three officers she had been looking to see had all been in the same room.  Having found the door to be unlocked, the head of Security had not expected to find such a scene upon her entrance.

"Drilling for memories of a dream," Sonja smiled back while insuring that the equipment had been  functioning at the highest level of accuracy as possible.  "If we are lucky we might strike oil, if so we might let you in on the profits."

"Profits?" Ya'Han said in a less than humorous tone, the last word used by the CEO having been a little too close to what a Ferengi would have likely said in this or any other situation.

"Don't mind her," Seska added in a whispered voice as she shook her head at the CEO.  "We are just trying to help Shar'El remember and record what may be a very important and significant dream."

"Memories that she would have obtained while being linked to that machine," the head of the Security department nodded, having read the reports.  "Mind if I watch, this could be interesting?"

"Sure," Sonja giggled.  "You can be in charge of the betting pool.  You can start by putting me down for 10 credits on our finding out that she had often dreamt of being drunk in the Black Hole Lounge."

"I'm still hearing you," Shar'El growled as she tried to turn to look at he redheaded engineer only to have her head snapped back in place by the CMO.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer