"What wonders come when perchance to dream."
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA: Grounds
Stardate: 30149.1100

Andromeda T'Leia walked along NEW ALEXANDRIA, she had helped with the re-calibrations of the medical equipment and assisted in getting a Sickbay that was pretty much a 'DOA' into the green status.  The work something that she could do blindfolded as the humans say or in her sleep.  She had something else to think about, something a equation to the element of the Ball that she had not anticipated.  She knew of course that the Admiral always invited all of his friends, co -workers, and favorite guests, musicians, dancers and so on, but the last word that her father had from the elusive Ambassador (Covert Opts Admiral) Serron was that he was on deep black out classified mission, so why would she get a note and it was authentic, it had all the Starfleet and Vulcan bands in the transmission there was no way it was a clever fake, he was almost sure to attend the ball, so what would he propose to Andromeda T'Leia this time.  Their last encounter a deep covert Medical support and Ambassadorial mission, he had ask her to walk with him, along life's journey, Andromeda T'Leia had consulted with her God Mother Fleet Admiral T'Moya whose counsel she had faith in, and the Fleet Admiral reminded her that she had her own career to think of as well, and only she could make the decision.  Of course she had decided to postpone the reply and after the mission with the Medical Fleet headed by Fleet Admiral T'Moya the 214th Black Sheep Squadron Heavy Medical Support and Black Opts unit, she had decided she wanted to remain single for a few more years and develop her career further.  Andromeda T'Leia as Serron always called her, in honor of both of her foremothers, had given her a rather large pink diamond from earth, she wore it around her neck on a latinum and platinum chain.  He was always near her heart, and always near her thought.  So...  What would her answer be?

Setting:  Somewhere through the Wormhole at starbase 119214, USS ALLIED ESPERANZA, NCC 1121
Stardate: 30149.1100

Admiral Serron sat at the table, in officer capacity this time, there had been no diplomatic negotiations for them this week and he had contacted the Ice Brothers their covert Mercks team and sent word to T'Moya that the battle was ongoing and he had ordered more Medical supplies that would arrive at Starbase 119214 in a week.  Serron steepled his fingers and looked at the Captain of ESPERANZA, Wilton Cloudt Eagle.  The two did not need words the resigned look on Cloudt Eagles face told it all.  

The Colonists had lost many lives, but with the help of the Black Sheep they had staved off a new hybrid species of Borg that called themselves The Sleepers.  

Serron had orders to meet with the Admiral just before the Black and White Ball to update him in person rather than let this go over the channels...

Serron departed the ESPERANZA and made his way to Vulcan ship SHRONE and making his way towards the Admiral for dance of covert opts and a ball, and perhaps win his Andromeda T'Leia.  His face tired, he ran his fingers through his shoulder length dark blond hair, he knew he needed a break as did all of his friends with the 214th, but that was another story and another day...

Renda Carr

Ensign Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical officer