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"Colors Of Anticipation"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ya'Han's Quarters
Stardate: 30149.1600

With the ANUBIS heading back home to NEW ALEXANDRIA, things had been quiet on the bridge.  Everyone had been taking care of their own departments which meant that the Chief of Security had spent all of her time checking the ship's tactical systems.  Phaser bank readiness and power settings; torpedo launchers reload speed; fine tuning of the targeting sensors; updating and optimizing the tactical interface on the bridge were only a few of the things that had been done.

By the end of her shift, Ya'Han had been more than happy to be returning to her quarters to get some rest. Although there had been no 'action', the Chief of Security and her department had not taken things easy.

As she stepped inside her quarters, Ya'Han noted a small flashing light on the monitor that rested on the table.  A message had been waiting for her, but from whom and why? That mystery instantly piqued the black haired woman's interest over her wish to rest, so the Chief of Security quickly sat in front of the monitor and accessed the message.

For a split second Ya'Han worried that maybe the message had been from her father or even the Ferengi troll she had run away from home to avoid marrying.  The fiery redhead waited for the message to appear on the screen, having mentally readied herself for a possible fight, but when the logo of the NEW ALEXANDRIA Intel base appeared, the Chief of Security let out a deep sigh of relief.

With her head tilted ever so slightly to the left, Ya'Han began to read to message having been reassured that it had nothing to do with the past that she had worked so hard to leave behind.

Ya'Han's fingers slowly brushed through her long purple hair that had been brought to cascade over her right shoulder as she read the invitation to a high class black & white ball given by Admiral Koniki.  No reason for this event had been given but this had in no way diminished the Chief of Security's enthusiasm towards the ball.

Given her past as an illicit passenger on any ship that would accept her, Ya'Han had very few items to call her own.  The bare minimum had been hers to carry until she finally reached a Federation Starbase, from there she still kept her belongings to a strict minimum in case she would need to quickly leave.  This had meant that the now Chief of Security had very few fancy attires, a dress worthy of an event like the black & white ball not having been amongst them.

The woman continued to play with her long noble locks as she began to daydream of the event and what sort of dress she would be wearing.  Ya'Han's experiences with such events had ended abruptly at the age of 14 nearly 10 years ago, leaving the woman somewhat at a loss to know what had been expected from her.  Starfleet held many unique ideas and customs, and as far as the black & white ball had been concerned, the regal haired woman had to admit that she knew nothing.  Still, the opportunity to dance for the sheer experience of it had been enough to make her giddy at the prospect.

As Ya'Han rose from her seat, her jade colored locks flew through the air as the woman spun in various dance moves.  As a daughter of the High Sovereign of NYLA IV, she had been well educated and trained in the arts of dance and music by the age of 10, an aspect of her former life that the Chief of Security had to admit she missed from time to time.

After a few minutes of self-indulging artistic physical moves, Ya'Han stopped and ponder the problem that she now faced.  Whom would she ask for help in getting an appropriate dress for the event?  Lieutenant Commander Maya, as feminine as she may have appeared had not struct the Chief of Security as having been someone with abundant knowledge in that particular field.  Doctor Lillie Doyanne had seemed to be rather preoccupied by whatever she had been doing in the Bio-Chemistry lab to be bothered with such a trivial matter.  This left Doctor Seska Mizore, Counselor Eve Dalziel and the Chief Engineer Sonja Paquette as potential rescuers.

For a brief moment Ya'Han considered the Intel Liaison Officer Shar'El, but quickly dismissed her as a potential candidate for no other reason that there had been something about the pale skin and black haired woman that troubled the Chief of Security.  Maybe one day soon she would be able to identify the reason for this misgiving, but for the time being Ya'Han needed to focus on her getting the perfect dress for the black & white ball.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer