"Multi-Tasking the Jobs."
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Excerpt from "One Catastrophe At A Time"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C2, Level 3, Observation Walkway
Stardate: 30149.1020

Elan smiled as he gazed down upon the Human / Vulcan woman, her inner passion reminding the Oltharian of people he had long ago learnt to respect and admire.  As a Healer, Doctor T'Leia had already gained the giant's admiration, but as a person, she had in only a few minutes earned the Engineer's utmost and deepest respect.

Lieutenant Commander Fairborn had been ready to acknowledge and respond to the wisdom spoken by the Doctor when another officer came into view, drawing the attention of the two standing figures onto her.

"Captain Iverson," the Robotics Engineer offered in concern, the expression on the woman's face having been impossible to miss. "Is everything alright? You seem... troubled."

"Troubled!?" the black haired and grey eyed woman snarled back, anger clearly lacing her words.  "Let's just say that I am at my wits ends."

"Is there anything that I may be able to assist with?" the towering engineer offered, the giant always having been a kind and helpful individual no matter the situation.

"It's the medical bay on the BASTET," the Captain said with a lengthy sigh of despair. "The equipment as all been installed but was never calibrated.  When I went to see how everything was, I noticed that the main board displayed my having a blood pressure of 312," the woman explained, doing her very best to remain calm with little success.  "The majority of the medical and engineering staff assigned to my ship are currently busy getting ready for this blasted ball which is delaying the work.  I would have given it a second thought had I known that my *new* ship needed so much work before being able to be made ready for active duty."

"As I am currently waiting for the ANUBIS to return to NEW ALEXANDRIA," Andromeda said with the customary calmness of a Vulcan, "I am without any official duties and could use this time to help in the calibration of the medical instruments on board your vessel."

"If the Healer will permit, I would be happy to offer my engineering skills as well to assist in this task," the imposing Oltharian added making the grey eyed CO actually smile.

"You two are too kind, thank you."

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And now for the good stuff
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Andromeda T'Leia nodded and replied.  "I am used to multi-tasking, it is not a problem to assist thee.  Just let me know the time and the location for the re calibrations of medical equipment." Andromeda T'Leia looked at the two of them nodding politely.  "As for the Admiral's Black and White ball, his staff and caterer's take that into hand, what attendees need are black and white tux and ladies ball gowns of white. "  She noted.  "When will the BASTET be here?"

Selene's grey eyes turned slowly towards the large window.  "The BASTET is already here sitting motionless right over there," the Captain said not sounding overly happy that her ship had been just that; sitting motionless.

Andromeda T'Leia listened to the Captain and nodded.  "Very good."   To Lieutenant Commander Elan she said.  "I want to thank thee for the conversation and for helping me familiarize myself with NEW ALEXANDRIA, I find that it is pretty standard as military installations go."

Elan could not help but grin.  'Standard' had never been a word used to described NEW ALEXANDRIA or any of the units operating from within, yet the Oltharian had to agree that there had been a certain familiarity with all Starfleet bases of operations, be them public domain or ultra secretive.

Andromeda T'Leia listened as they walked, her hands cupped behind her back in Vulcan fashion, she nodded from time to time as she took in the information from the Captain and Elan.  They continued their walk, and Elan would point out places of interest to Andromeda T'Leia, the Captain would chime in with information regarding the fleet.  New Alexandria, was proving to be the quintessential star fleet installation, and Andromeda T'Leia called it home for now, until the ship her new assignment arrived.  She thought about the Black and White ball, and she could not help herself but wonder,  at how the Admiral could create the splendor of a star fleet ball in the instance they now found themselves.

T'Leia, pulled out her PaDD from a pocket and checked her updates, she had twelve notices from the Admiral.  Raising an eyebrow as she read each message and replied in good order.  She then noted a note from Serron, or Ambassador Serron he might attend the ball since it was in the same coordinates as his ambassadorial ship would be.  Raising an eyebrow she found herself blush slightly, Serron had that effect on all women not just herself, tall, strong and blond, and his pointed ears were the talk of all single vulcan ladies in polite logical conversations...  She mused as she walked with the Lieutenant Commander and the Captain, and she remembered the magnolia ball back in Mobile, AL  and Serron, yes there was Serron.

Renda Carr

Ensign Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical officer