"Shapes of Things To Come"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Shady Tavern, Second Level
Stardate: 63073.1845
The dimly lit tavern held a wide array of patrons, all of which appeared to have originated from the wrong side of the law. Even some of the more fearsome looking aliens could be seen glancing over their shoulders as if expecting something or someone to suddenly put an abrupt end to their whispered conversations.
In a particularly dark corner of the upper level of the tavern, two clocked figures were having a discussion over a pair of untouched drinks. The half filled glasses had been nothing more than a pretence like so many other things in this establishment which catered to all likes of crooks, thieves and mercenaries.
"She escaped," the dark cloaked figure unhappily whispered. "That old fool took my men by surprise and I can tell you that he was far more agile than anyone could have expected," the concealed figure reported, his voice held no admiration for the Efrosian priest of whom he had been referring to.
"Your inability to perform such a simple task is truly alarming," the female Vorta sighed as she carefully readjusted her own cloak to hide as much of her dress as she could. "You were hired to capture and hold that Betazoid, and now she is free."
"My men and I were hired for a simple abduction and interrogation," the dark cloaked man snapped back, still in a whispered voice.
"Not to fight some crazed monk. You are lucky that we did as much as we did considering that we are still waiting for our initial payment."
Vellanor glanced over her shoulder for a very brief moment and quickly returned to the whispered conversation at hand. "Very well," she sighed. "If you will permit me, I will step out and return with the agreed initial payment," the Vorta offered in a tone of acceptance that seemed to take her partner of fortune by surprise.
"You are not going anywhere," the cloaked figure stated as he reached and took a solid hold of the arm of the Vorta. "What guaranties do I have that you will not just leave me high, dry and without a single credit for my troubles?"
"I do not have the full amount on me," the Vorta quietly replied as she reached for a pouch with her free hand. "I can leave you this as a down payment until I return with the rest."
"You may be cute, but you are still a Vorta," the cloaked man said while shaking his head. "I do not trust you."
"Very well," Vellanor continued having once again glanced over her shoulder. "Would my leaving my dress behind be sufficient to convince you that I will return?"
The dark cloaked figure grinned and immediately let go of the Vorta, his acceptance of the newly offered terms having been unmistakable. Although it had been easy to see that she had not wanted to do this, Vellanor quickly removed her dress without ever allowing the figure sitting on the other side of the small table to see anything more than her cloak.
When the exquisite dress was gently deposited next to the pouch of coins, the mercenary sighed with disappointment, the Vorta having managed to accomplish her disrobing without having allowed him the slightly peek.
"Go quickly and return with my money," the cloaked man growled as he dismissed the Vorta.
Vellanor made a hasty departure out of the tavern using one of the many unlisted exits. Once outside the Vorta searched for a quiet corner where she embraced the shadows and waited.
Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Shady Tavern, First Level
Stardate: 63073.1850
Grex had been told, after some forceful persuading on his part, that the person he had been searching for could be found here, in this tavern. The entrance of the Kzinti Bounty Hunter had been enough to cause several patrons to halt their conversations until such time as they had been satisfied that the black furred giant had not been here for them.
After having scanned the main floor of the tavern, Grex rapidly moved to the upper level to continue his search and hopefully get a better vantage point of the primary level. The moment he reached the second floor, the Bounty Hunter noticed that something had been amidst at one of the tables hidden in the distant shadows. In only a few steps the towering Kzinti had crossed the distance that separated him from his target and discovered that his instincts had once again been correct.
A dark cloaked man laid face down on the small table, a search of his neck for any basic vital signs revealed the frightful trust. The man had been murdered, but what truly caught the interest of the Bounty Hunter had been the presence of two untouched drinks at the table which meant that the victim had not been alone.
The Kzinti quickly searched the immediate area and found nothing to hint of a struggle or even a disagreement. The only proof that something had happened had been that second drink.
Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Alleyway behind the Shady Tavern
Stardate: 63073.1855
The Vorta quickly made her way through the alleyway not taking a single moment to look back. Every second wasted looking back would allow the Bounty Hunter to get closer, and Vellanor simply could not afford to let the Kzinti draw closer than he already had.
As she returned to a busier sector of the trade center, the cloak of the Vorta was pushed away by an inattentive merchant to reveal the same exquisite dress and coin pouch Vellanor had relinquished less than a minute ago.

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"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."

- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)