"A Simple Favour"
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<<It has happened, it will happen.>>
- Common saying within Starfleet's Temporal Security Agency
Setting: USS ANUBIS: Array Section, Deck 3, VIPER Launch Bay
Stardate: 63073.1845
"Commander Enaii!" the Native American called out as he ran to catch up to the ANUBIS' Intel Operative. Although short, the woman seemed to move about with amazing speed and grace. "May I take a moment of your time?"
"No," the ILO icily answered, having stopped and turned to face the man only long enough to grant him the honour of her reply.

Erik remained stunned for several seconds, not having expected the answer that he had received. After all the inquiry had only been a courtesy to permit the former CO of the USS LANCELOT to present the ANUBIS' Acting ExO with his request. After having regained his mental composure, Morningstar went after the Operative once more.
"Commander," Erik resumed as she finally arrived by the ILO's side. "I promise to be quick and to not force you to answer anything with more than a few words." Enaii immediately stopped and shot a glare in the Native American's direction which actually made him chuckle. "Let me rephrase that, I could never hope to *force* you to do anything if I want to see tomorrow in a single intact piece, so let me just say that I will not *expect* a multi-word answer to my one request."
"Very well," the ILO sighed, obviously Captain Morningstar had his mind set on whatever this had been, and by now the Operative's curiosity had been peaked.
"I would like to request permission to accompany you on your sortie," Morningstar stated without any hesitation knowing all too well that the Intel Operative had not been the kind of person who enjoyed getting the run-around. "You know my flight credentials are more than adequate to pilot one of these VIPERs," the Captain added having taken a few minutes to review the specs of the ANUBIS' Interceptor Class fighters.
"No," the ILO answered once more, the coldness in her voice not having diminished in the least.
"Enaii," Erik cut in before the Operative could turn away. "I am asking this as a personal favour. Since my rescue from the LANCELOT I have been absolutely *useless* on this ship, and each time I try to offer my assistance with a project it is either classified over my clearance or has already been completed by the time I hear about it. This ship is truly amazing but I need to do something constructive on this mission before I go mad. I promise that I will be nothing more than a pilot on this mission and that I will follow your every commands without question. I just need to feel that I am more than a lump and this is the only real opportunity that has presented itself."
The Intel Operative looked into the man's eyes for several seconds, her stone-cold features not having betrayed in anyway her thoughts or emotions, if she had actually felt any. Enaii could see the desperation in the Native American's eyes as well as the pride that he had pushed aside to permit himself to make this request from her.
"You owe me," the ILO finally uttered before she turned around and resumed her course for the lead VIPER. Erik's smile had been bright enough to light up the entire ship, but he still knew better than to verbalize his feelings to the woman who he knew to be colder than a room full of Vulcans. "VIPER 3," Enaii announced after a few steps, "Launch in 15 minutes."
The Native American quickly ended his smile for fear that the ILO might actually see it and change her mind. Now he had 15 minutes to get fully acquainted with the Interceptor's systems so as to not make Enaii regret the favour that she had made him.
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