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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1830

The young woman sat in the command chair located in the center of the Bridge… the gaze from her emerald eyes lost amongst the streaking stars displayed on the main view screen. The red hue that bathed the inside of the entire ship had been a constant reminder that the ANUBIS had been under the protection of its ablative armour… and therefore nearly invisible to sensors.

"Still no sign of our having been detected by any of the Gorn patrols," Ensign Thomas announced from the Operations station.

"They are all probably too busy dealing with whatever issues have been created by the temporal anomalies that are everywhere," Ensign Mitshiba added from the Science station. Both Ensigns had returned to the Bridge once their task to create a personalized quantum field generator had been accomplished, thanks in some part to the Oltharian Engineer and the ANUBIS' own Avatar.

"Apparently one of those issues is a squadron of Cardassian Galor-Class starships, bearing 288 mark 14," the Kzinti Sec/Tac Officer reported from her station. Hex's words had been laced with a hint of disappointment as she witnessed the battle between the slow, heavily armoured Gorn patrol ship and the three faster, more agile Cardassian cruisers. Ensign Fanggot's mind quickly created a combat scenario in which the ANUBIS had flown into the heart of the battle to teach both sides how a war should be waged.

Standing immediately behind the Sec/Tac Officer, Ensign Lopez grinned to herself as she observed her friend's hand dance on the tactical station as many more scenarios were created and prepared for. The aCMO had accompanied the Kzinti once she had been released from Sickbay under the excuse of needing to insure that Hex had been alright.

Although she had not been overly fond of the idea of having the aCMO by her side, Hex had actually not disliked the idea of having a friend nearby as much as she had expected. The Sec/Tac Officer had even managed to reason that this had been the perfect excuse for her to keep an eye on Adriana and insure that *she* had been alright.

"All three VIPERs have been retrofitted with the necessary equipment to allow them to safely navigate this region of space," the Oltharian reported as he and Ensign Dalziel stepped out of the turbo lift and onto the Bridge. "Annie stayed behind to verify that all of the modifications to the power grid will not impede the Interceptors' combat systems," Elan added while he made his way to the Engineering station at the back of the Bridge.

Although a little curious as to what the ship's Counsellor and Chief Engineer might have been talking about, the redheaded woman refrained from inquiring… as a former Cns, Rikar knew that any question along those lines would have served no purpose and maybe even made Eve's duties that much more difficult in the future.

"Well done Lieutenant," the CO offered as she turned to look at the now sitting Oltharian. "See, I knew that you would have this minor task done well before we reached the YUDARA SECTOR." The CEO simply echoed the Captain's smile and nodded his thanks for the praise he had been given.

"Bridge to Commander Maya," the redheaded woman called out as she turned her chair back to face the front of the Bridge.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63073.1835

"Go ahead Captain," the CSciO acknowledged as she tightened a belt around her waste. Although very similar to the one normally worn by Startfleet personnel this one had distinct differences, the most notable one having been two small rectangular boxes located on either side.

=/\= Just checking up on your progress with the testing of the quantum field generator,=/\= the CO explained. Although the initial project had been the responsibility of Ensign Mitshiba, the Captain had thought it wise to have the senior most Science officer check the device for any possible problems or side effects.

"Commander Maya was just about to activate one of the devices," Doctor Summers jumped in with as she opened her medical tricorder and stood ready to monitor the Shillian's vital signs. "I'm just here to make sure we don't end up with a mess that will take Elan weeks to clean up."

Maya playfully glared at the CMO for a moment before she reached for one of the small boxes and activated the device.

"The field is active," the Shillian Scientist reported while she looked down at her hands as if having expected for them to be somehow transformed or even vanish. "Initial observations appear very promising," Maya continued as she reached for her own tricorder and performed a few scans of the quantum field that now enveloped her. "The energy output of the field is stable and my instruments show that the miniature quantum singularity reactor is actually performing slightly above expected parameters."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1838

=/\= The field dynamic is a perfect match to the one currently used by our ablative armour and bio-regenerative hull. Ensign Mitshiba and Thomas should be proud of the work they have done,=/\= the CSciO stated which immediately made the two Officers in questions glance at each other to trade a prideful smile.

=/\= Looks like Elan won't have anything to clean down here,=/\= Doctor Summers added with a sarcastic sigh, obviously not at all displeased with the fact that the Shillian had not been turned into a pile of protoplasmic goo.

"I am sure that I speak for our Chief Engineer, as well as everyone else onboard, when I say that we are all very happy to hear this," Rikar announced while her pink lips displayed a playful smile. It had been refreshing to see that despite the rather dire nature of their mission the crew had managed to keep a certain sense of humour… a fact that the CO greatly appreciated.

"Rikar to Enaii," the redheaded woman continued as she pressed a control on the arm of her chair to open a new comm channel.

=/\= Yes,=/\= the ILO replied as dryly as expected, the Intel Operative never having been big on words.

"Annie is performing last minute checks on the VIPERs," the CO announced. "I would like for you to take the lead of the squadron. I feel that having our most experienced pilot out there looking for the PARADOX will play in our favour and may grant us the break we so desperately need."

=/\= Very well,=/\= Enaii replied and immediately closed the channel afterwards, thus insuring that no one would be able to tell if whether or not this had been welcomed news or a task that she felt had been well beneath her position as the ANUBIS' ILO and acting ExO.

"We will be arriving at the YUDARA SECTOR in 50 minutes," the COO announced with a distinct tone of anticipation… maybe even excitement.
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