"Hollowed Ground"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30149.0807

Soon as Officer’s Stark and Ya’Han had left Sickbay, Mizore moved to stand at the main computer panel on the wall, updating the Chief of Operation’s medical file. Twenty Six minutes earlier, having already made or at least initiated some sort or form of contact with the members of the Away Team. Seska had sent written messages of notification to Lieutenant JG Paquette, Lieutenant Commander Maya, and lastly, Captain Morningstar through the system. Counselor Dalziel and the Intelligence Liaison Shar’El had been done so directly, through personal communication.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30149.0811

Only moments prior to the arrival of Ensign Shar’El, the Bajoran Doctor had severely limited the illumination in Sickbay, dimming the lights, approximately equivalent to Fifteen watts, and temporarily arranged for all communications to Sickbay to quietly be transferred to her Communicator. When the doors opened, Shar’El was somewhat shocked and slightly surprised to see the medical facility in such a manner, or under such settings.  The ILO had to admit though that she had been most grateful for the unexpected settings and quiet atmosphere.

"Welcome, Ensign Shar’El. Come in and get comfortably situated." In no small way or display, Seska had moved slowly superimposed or planted herself in front of the Ullian woman, lifting a left hand as an offer for assistance to the nigh, impossibly pale minx of a female.

"Please, don't yell or shout, Doctor.” Shar’El, managing only a soft susurration, taking Mizore’s hand in hers, if only for a little stability and bearing, while the Doctor guided her to a position on one of the examination beds.

“Very well, Pip.“ Seska said, a playful grin casting itself on her expression for an instant, with an amused giggle. Being the only member of the ANUBIS crew smaller, admittedly shorter than her, could not help herself. Seizing the opportunity to take advantage the situation presented for a sprightly one sided repartee to forge a little friendly connection to those on board the starship. Her voice as low and sweet as an autumn breeze. 

Shar’El, most likely, would not remember much of her visit to Sickbay or the events within, all too soon, maybe not even later, or at the very least in the span of the next solar day. Where she had or would have some time to reflect back and really register on what happened.

"Now, if you will relax, would you mind resting aback?“ Seska began to speak, though stated more in rhetoric than an actual inquiry requiring, demanding, or deserving a response. Placing her left hand while supporting the neck, her right applied a bit of pressure against the woman’s chest. In very short timing, the Doctor had run a full scan of her patient, though it was only out of formality and standard procedure. Mizore having seen or witnessed the finale to the ladies shenanigans of the night. In part, the activity that Shar’El had been engaged in the whole, full evening long in to the early hours of the morning before reporting to Sickbay.

"Doc, you might want to tell Sonja about the problem with her warp core?" The ILO said in a whispered voice as to not aggravate her own discomfort.

"What problem with the warp core would that be?" the ACMO asked in return, wondering as to where this had originated and would be going to.

"I can hear it knocking from here," Shar'El explained as she closed her eyes.

"Seems you are having a case of the ‘Morning After’, more specifically, or to the point, suffering from ‘Delirium Tremens’, Pip." After which, Mizore moved to the medical facility’s replicator, manually entering the various information. Returning to retake the place at her patient’s side with a bar of dry ice wrapped in Karemman fleece, placed behind the neck at the base of the head. and a glass of chilled cranberry juice infused with ginseng extract to reduce her blood sugar level.

:: Cant believe Terrans can tolerate, much less imbibe this mess. It is bitter and has a strange metallic taste, sort of like drinking liquid copper. :: She sighed heavily, coming out more like a huffed ‘ugh’. :: Absolute swill. :: Mizore winced with a show of individual contempt for the beverage.

"Ensign, you seem to have blood in your alcohol system. . . “ Seska whispered her intentionally worded double entendre. "This is a very serious condition, one which may require a possibly severe treatment. Best possible scenario based on your particular case, might be an alcohol transfusion. That, could take several hours."  An iconically wry smile resembling that roguish trickster of the Q Continuum, while she fidgeted with the binding straps on the bio bed. Soon as she had chosen her words, devised the plan and her course of action, voicing the final piece to her self entertaining rant or spiel. Pausing briefly, to generate a little dramatic suspense. :: Nothing quite like shock therapy to jumpstart the recovery process. ::

Initially, the ILO had reacted adversely with a mortified look, laced with an instinctive fear, of something unexpected she was not ready for or to hear, most certainly or definitely ‘not’ looking forward to.

"Now that I snapped you back to us on the ship, and have achieved some level of success in getting adrenaline kicking in to your system. It is a start." She nodded, as she attempted to coax or coerce Shar’El to get a little fluid other than liquor in her. It was a first step toward recovery. Drawing close, Seska had locked sight with Shar’El, the ILO’s eyes dilated swiftly as the iris expanded momentarily as pure epinephrine circuited her body that triggered a biochemically hormonal and neurological high, maintaining it for only a short period of seconds.

Studying the synaptic function and response, noticing streaks and lines the color of raw silver ore among the polished obsidian that shone in the woman’s eyes.

"You will get through it, or this, Ensign. Though, it may not feel that way right now. I can only fathom or imagine your head is beating like a Klingon War Drum. You will survive.“ As she, herself, gave Shar’El a gesture, more than one of mere sympathy and simple act of understanding. Placing a synthetic chamois weave into ThrityThree degree C water, before laying it to rest over the Ullian born female’s face, from the bridge of the nose to her hairline.

"In your current state, and present condition. I must insist, however, you take a little down time, at least Eight hours of ‘R and R’ before assuming your duties, or resuming your position in your ‘Lair’.“ Seska slowly dropped her right hand over one belonging to Shar’El, giving her a light squeeze. Taking a hypospray and neural stimulator in her left. "What I can offer, is something to treat, alleviate, and potentially cure some of or all the effects of last nights little soiree."

Once more giving a reassuring squeeze, followed with her own characteristically habitual affectation, the sound of a muted snap or click of her tongue, when she flicked it against the top of her mouth. Applying a hypospray aside the Ullian Officer’s neck, Seska administered a Four percent Hydrocortilene solution mixed with the sedative, Tetrovaline.

"After Eight hours, pending your condition at that time, I will reconsider your stay of duty and reassess allowing you return to active status." Giving the medication a chance to take effect, Mizore stayed at her side while she worked on modifying the neural stimulator, making appropriate adjustments to invert the device’s normal operation. Instead of enhancing cognitive functions or mental activity, it would instead cause a sort of sensory deprivation when activated. Sounds would become a low, distorted, and incomprehensible. Similar to the quiet hum of ambient or white noise. Sight would blur into distant amorphous shapes, with dull colors, incredibly slow in motion.

Mizore continued performing the process, with new each step, she tested it first and foremost on herself. Never, would she put anyone through anything, or do to others, that she would not do or submit to herself. Only when she was satisfied with the results, had she gone through the effort or act of carefully placing it ever so gently on Shar’El without activating it for the moment.

With no more relevant concerns, pressing matters, or serious complications to attend to in regard to the ILO’s health and general welfare or well being. Seska saw no reason to keep or confine her to Sickbay, thinking that the time might best be spent in her own room. Leading the Ullian slowly, escorting her from the medical facility. Guiding Shar’El by the hand as she offered, allowing the ILO lean on her whenever needed for support. The women made their way off Deck Seven, up to Deck Two, toward the Senior Officer Quarters.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Two, Senior Officer Personal Quarters: Shar’El
Stardate: 30148.0825

When they had come to the entrance, the door hissed opened to the dismay of the ILO who stepped in and invited the ACMO to join her, for purely medical reasons of course.  Given her current weakened state, there had been no way to know when Shar'El may be in need of a hand, arm or second set of feet to keep her steady.

Seska was not entirely surprised to see the sparse appearance of the decor in ILO's quarters, finding little if any personal effects or anything that might hold sentimental value had been around to give any indication as to the Ullian's likes or background.

"Not much into personalizing your quarters are you?" the Bajoran Doctor stated, feeling a little disappointed in the lack of individuality noticed in the ILO's quarters.

"Sometimes it is the absence of a thing that gives the most important information about someone's character Doctor," the ILO explained as she very carefully made her way to the nearest sitting apparatus. "A lack of clutter can indicate an organized life or one that is empty of events beyond the strict essentials of duty.  A lack of visible personal items could be looked upon as a distinct sign that the person does not wish to live or be reminded of her past, if there is such a thing to be remembered.  Then again it could simply be that the person in question simply wishes to keep her life private for fear that any part of her past could be used against her at some point in a mission,"  Shar'El suddenly went silent as she realized that her thoughts had actually been said aloud for the ACMO to hear.

"Aside from the medication I administered earlier in Sickbay, I would suggest you drink water every couple hours, stay hydrated. That does not mean a drop, or a sip either." The Doctor said thinking that a change of subject had been well in order.  "Other than or apart from that. . ." Placing a tall glass of ice water on the bedside table. “There is yet still, two matters I still will need to address with you. One, I have been asked to provide complete, detailed physical examination regarding the stint spent on PI ALPHA III, as per Captain’s orders."

"Great," the ILO sighed, "that will be one report that is sure to make the Captain laugh."

"Though," Seska quickly added, "I understand, it can or will have to wait until you are in a better place physically and medically. However, you are always welcome, and free to drop by or see me in Sickbay, at any such time as is most convenient for you."

The ACMO stared into the ILO’s eyes again, trying to catch, capture, and maintain her full attention, so that she would fully understand the words, the weight they carried or possessed, and the importance behind them. "The second, should it seem necessary to further extend the duration of your recovery, or temporarily stay your medical leave from service, until 2000 hours, I trust you will agree Ensign Shar’El."

The ILO simply nodded her head at a reduce rate of speed, for fear that the motion might actually cause her to lose her balance.  "Aye aye Doc, permission to pass out now."

"I will come back to check on you at 1600 hours, consider that a promise. One I quite intend to keep." Mizore smiled, taking one last moment to utter a final few words to Shar’El. "Lastly, if I may give you some advice. Impart or break words of a more personal nature. Might I suggest, or recommend synthehol over alcohol next time."

"Next time?" the ILO repeated before collapsing into the nearest chair, a loud snoring sound filling the quarters only seconds later.

As she Doctor turned from the Ullian, she activated the modified neural stimulator, as it was currently set to serve or act as a limited sensory inhibitor. "Rest well, Pip." The Bajoran bowed her head, turning about, quietly slipped from the room, heading back toward Main Sickbay on Deck Seven.
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Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer