"Time to Act"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, building
across from the T'kon Temple
Stardate: 63073.1715

Despite his frail appearance and advanced age the Efrosian's skills and experience had allowed for his entrance into the secured compound to be an easy one.  Those who had tried to stop him at the door and later down the stairway had been quickly dealt with and rendered unconscious with moves many Kzinti warriors would have been envious of.

To help someone in need, someone who had fallen pray to the corrupted ways of others had been Ojall Chek Kane's greatest calling, yet while doing so he still could not bring himself to severely injure someone. His non-lethal methods had always been quick and effective, and had never proven to be anything less than exactly what had been required during the many years of offering help and assistance to those in need.

As Ojall pressed on in search of this person mentioned by the T'Kon priest, his mind travelled to a time when he had been but a simple student of the monastery he had joined.  There he had learned skills in the field of science and medicine, knowledge in the areas of engineering and combat, and insights into the minds of others that rivaled those of given to Starfleet Academy cadets.  During his apprenticeship the young priest had also learned about compassion and the ability to extend his senses to become one with the world around him.

It had been that specific knowledge and skill which allowed the Efrosian to easily avoid the large metal rod that had been swung at him from behind a support column.  In a single fluid move Ojall redirected the pole and knocked out the one who had held it to send both him and the blunt weapon crashing onto the floor.

"I do not know who you are old man, but this is as far as you go," a man with an icy voice spat from the shadows before several phaser shots ripped through the ambient darkness.  Ojall rolled out of the way while he at the same time retrieved the iron shaft that had been used against him only seconds before.  With the precision of a marksman and the strength of an Olympian the 60-years-old priest threw the rob into the shadows where a loud thud was heard a single heartbeat later.

Ojall could hear the man scamper away as he tried his best to breathe, the metal rod having landed squarely in the middle of his chest.  A normal man would have pursued this attacker to end the conflict but the aged priest had not ventured into this place in search of a fight, but rather in search of a soul in need.

Motionless, the Efrosian listened carefully to his surroundings in an effort to find what he had come here for, his senses stretched out beyond what had been considered normal for most people.  The panting and labored steps of the attacked grew fainter and soon gave way to the sound of a terrified beating heart.

Ojall approached the door and laid a single hand upon it before he spoke.  "I am Kane, I will help," was all that the priest offered to the woman he now knew had been behind the secured door.

[[The door is electronically locked,]] Mortina said from the other side unable to hide her fear, [[you will need some sort of torch to cut through this door.]]

The priest scrutinized the door for a brief moment and decided on a course of action based on the fact that no control panel had been near by.  "Stand away from the door," Ojall instructed before he placed both hands on the door as if he had intended to simply push it open.

Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, a Dark Room
Stardate: 63073.1725

There had been something in the man's voice, something that hinted to a confidence, an inner strength the likes of which the Betazoid had never seen.  As her mind reached out to touch his Mortina experienced a never before imagined tranquility, the man's thoughts had been as focused as a Vulcan while at the same time holding a level of emotion that seemed to stretch to the furthest reaches of the universe.

Quickly remembering the instructions that she had been given, the Betazoid moved as far back as she could, just in time to see the door suddenly fly inward as if a tremendous force had pushed it.

"How did you do that?" The Starfleet officer asked in pure amazement having noticed that no tools or instruments had been in the man's hands.

"Now is not the time," Ojall said as he extended a hand of friendship towards the stunned Betazoid.  "I believe that we should both return to the temple, there I will be able to answer some of your questions."

Still rather baffled by what had just happened, Mortina soon accepted the kind invitation and followed the Efrosian out of her cell and back to the T'Kon temple.

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