"Something New"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, a dark room
Stardate: 63073.1600

The sounds of the struggle that had reached Mortina several hours ago had finally died down. From her underground cell there had been no way for the Starfleet Officer to know what had happened. All she knew was that something had transpired and that now it had ended.

The Betazoid had tried to telepathically reach out during that time. At best she might have been able to let someone know that she had been here, in trouble. At worst the unwilling prisoner might have been able to figure out what had happened. The only thing Mortina discovered though had been that someone somehow had managed to block her telepathic abilities.

~Tsk, tsk, tsk,~ the icy voiced echoed in the woman's head once again. ~Still hoping for a brave knight to come to your rescue, how truly pathetic. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but your salvation will come only at the hands of death itself.~

Before Mortina could say or even react to the dreadful words that she had heard, a very high pitch burst filled the small room. The Betazoid pressed her hands as hard as she could against her ears but to no avail. The ear-piercing sound reached all the way into her soul and soon she found her legs give way under her.

Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, T'kon Temple
Stardate: 63073.1630

The battle had been won and the forces bent on destroying the temple had been pushed back. The Efrosian stood next to the black robed priest still unable to comprehend what had really happened. To have been able to visit a temple as it had been millennia ago had been a blessing. To have fought off an assault from creatures not of this time had been a mystery. To have stood shoulder to shoulder with a T'Kon Grand Master during battle had been an impossible dream come true.

"I am most grateful for your assistance," the black robed priest said. A deep bow of thanks added to the sincere emotions felt by the man who should not have been there. "Now it is time for you to be the hero once more. Someone is in need," the T'Kon priest continued while he pointed to a small building across the street from the temple.

Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, a dark room
Stardate: 63073.1700

Mortina opened her eyes and was immediately grateful that she had still been alive. The splitting headache she suffered from had been proof enough of this. As the Betazoid slowly pushed herself onto her knees she wondered what horrible fate awaited her. It had been clear to see that her captors had intended to prolong her discomfort and torture for as long as possible. The question though remained as to why.

The sounds of a new struggle reached the distressed Starfleet Officer. It took no time at all for Mortina to realize that these noises had been closer, much closer. Against her better judgment, and fears the captive woman moved closer to the locked door. Hoping.

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