"Meet the Natives"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C2, Level 3, Observation Walkway
Stardate: 30149.1010

[excerpt from "The Big Guy"]

"My place is here," Elan stated with quiet certitude, "a fact that I have been reminded of time and time again over the years.  That said, and if I may be so bold, knowing every member of the NEW ALEXANDRIA's medical staff I know that you are new here."

Ensign T'Leia half grinned, it seemed that the giant held a great many skills beyond those of an Engineer.  "I was assigned to the USS ANUBIS as its new Assistant Chief Medical Officer."

"The ANUBIS is a remarkable vessel," the Oltharian stated, allowing the weight of his words to hint that they had been spoken out of personal knowledge.  "I would love to hear how you came to be assigned to serve on board," the giant continued having offered the the Terran / Human hybrid to sit in one of the nearby sofas meant for people to sit and chat while not on duty, facts that appeared to currently fit both officers.

[New Dialogue progression ]

The woman smoothed her robe tighter around her, the cold creeping in and her Vulcan blood desiring the heat of Vulcan....

Ensign T'Leia nodded as she listened to the Lieutenant Commander talk about how the only Oltharian came to be in Starfleet and on New Alexandria at the time.

Ensign T'Leia:  "Understood, there are times when being a child of two Worlds is daunting, people assume because you have human blood in your genes that you automatically break out into a big smile a song and a dance, however; for me it is not so, I am more reserved I have more Vulcan Heritage within my T-Cell than I do Human, on the other hand that does not mean that I cannot appreciate my humaness and that I do not enjoy a dancing a good ballet or a Tango, and I am called upon many a time to assist an Ambassador who needs a escort due to his wife or aid not being able to attend a function, and the Ambassador knows there will be no gossip or tainting of his character nor mine because I am Vulcan and therefore I pose no threat to the character of the Man or the mission.

She rose from the bench and looked around, raising an eyebrow she turned and said.  "There are times, when the burden of two worlds weighs heavy on the katra.  Surak understood this as he taught us to greet differences and become greater together than apart.  To cast out fear and to embrace all of ourselve.."

T'Leia moved gracefully and looked at the Lieutenant Commander,  "It is a call that Vulcans still rally behind today.  We hold the line against the enemy within or around us, we do what we must to preserve the peace."  T'Leia looked at him and stated, "I know some people wonder why an Admiral would hold his Black and White Ball under such conditions in such a Military encampment as this, but consider all the elements that we are not privy too!  The Diplomatic aspect, perhaps peace may prevail if we get all sides to a pretty gathering a place where sword and weapon are put aside for conversation and the showing of sameness and perhaps just perhaps within all the trappings of fanciful dance and fan and flower, a solution can be met for datont or cease fire."

Renda Carr

Ensign (Doctor) T'Leia

Asstant Medical Officer
NCC 18501