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<< Life is nothing more than circles inter-linking with and into one another. Within the all-encompassing Circle of the Universe, we find and endless number of smaller Circles, each as important as the next. Within the Circle of Life, we can discover the Circle of our society, and within that one we find two other Circles, that of Science and Religion. Within those we find smaller Circles that include friends and associates, and within those we find the smallest yet most significant Circles of them all - that of our own individual existence. It is therefore normal for one to find himself traveling the same road again, completing the circle. The second time around having gathered some of the knowledge and wisdom found where other paths crossed and Circles linked. >>
Oltharian Belief

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C2, Level 3, Observation Walkway
Stardate: 30149.1010

The more she wondered through the NEW ALEXANDRIA Complex, the more Terran/Vulcan hybrid found herself at ease with the layout of the hidden Intel base.  There had been something logical about the way the decks had been laid out and how the design had made the most of the space within the asteroid.  What Ensign T'Leia found truly fascinating had been the view from the large windows which stood between her and the open area reversed for the ships which found their home here.

Here on the third level of Section C2, things were remarkably peaceful, the entire level having been dedicated to the quarters of enlisted and junior crew members of the USS ANUBIS, the that Andromeda's Human half could not wait to see arrive.  In the meantime though, her Vulcan side demanded that she continue to investigate the complex and become as familiar with it as possible.  If the ANUBIS was to become her *home*, NEW ALEXANDRIA would therefore be a 'home away from home'.

As she made her way down the corridor, occasionally casting her gaze into the large open area beyond the large windows, the Medically trained Officer came upon a sight that took her a little by surprise.  Standing in front of one of the large windows, his gaze lost in the vacuum beyond the clear surface and his hands clasped behind his back, had been a towering humanoid.  Although the Ensign had not wanted to stare at the living giant, the fact that he easily stood more than seven feet tall had been more then enough to insure that he had captured the curiosity of the Vulcan / Terran hybrid.

Andromeda froze when the colossus turned in her direction and took notice of both her presence and interest in him.  The bald man instantly smiled and bowed, an action that took the Doctor by complete surprise.

"Greetings Healer," the giant offered, his voice filled with respect and admiration.

Ensign T'Leia quickly noted the rank insignia on the man's collar and straightened as best she could, the giant towering over her not only in stature but also in rank.  "My apologies Lieutenant Commander, it was not my intention to disturb you.  I will leave you to thoughts."

"You have absolutely nothing to apologise for Healer," the towering officer stated, his deep voice laced with a tranquility that reminded the Doctor of a few Vulcan priests she had come to know.  "My mind was simply lost in the vastness of the universe which stretched beyond the confines of this base.  If you have the time, I would be most welcoming of your company."

"If you insist Lieutenant Commander," Andromeda acknowledge not entire certain if the words spoken by the giant had been some sort of order or a very gently offered proposal.  Nevertheless the 5 foot 6 inches tall woman thought it best to accept the imposing higher ranking man's offer, if only to be safe.

"There is no need to salute or abide by protocols with me Healer," the man stated with a gentle smile.  "My name is Elan Fairborn, and for the time being I am but a simple Robotics Engineer assigned to help with making the USS BASTET ready for service."

"Doctor Andromeda T'Leia," the brown and curly haired woman offered in return, finding the giant's general attitude and mannerism rather strange for a Starfleet Lieutenant Commander.  "If I may ask, why do you continue to refer to me as *Healer*?"

"I am an Oltharian," Elan explained, "and on my world all who work within the field of medicine are revered as they bridge two of the most important Circles of our society."

"Oltharian?" Doctor T'Leia repeated, never having heard the name of this specific race mentioned before now.  "I was not aware that your people were serving as Officers in Starfleet."

"Healer," the Oltharian said as a veil of sadness washed over him, if only for a second. "I am the only one of my race to have joined Starfleet, my path having been set well beyond the limits of my homeworld."

"I am sorry to hear that," the Doctor offered, having grown increasingly curious as to the man's culture and the reasons as to why they revered members of the medical field so.  Beyond that Andromeda also wondered as to why the gentle giant had been the only member of his race to join Starfleet.  "It sounds like you miss your people very much."

"My place is here," Elan stated with quiet certitude, "a fact that I have been reminded of time and time again over the years.  That said, and if I may be so bold, knowing every member of the NEW ALEXANDRIA's medical staff I know that you are new here."

Ensign T'Leia half grinned, it seemed that the giant held a great many skills beyond those of an Engineer.  "I was assigned to the USS ANUBIS as its new Assistant Chief Medical Officer."

"The ANUBIS is a remarkable vessel," the Oltharian stated, allowing the weight of his words to hint that they had been spoken out of personal knowledge.  "I would love to hear how you came to be assigned to serve on board," the giant continued having offered the the Terran / Vulcan hybrid to sit in one of the nearby sofas meant for people to sit and chat while not on duty, facts that appeared to currently fit both officers.


Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer