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"What Was Left Behind"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Transporter Room 3
Stardate: 30149.0920

After having been cleared by Doctor Mizore to resume full active duty, Ensign Stark had made his way to the transporter room followed by the black haired Chief of Security.  The task he faced had been a simple one: to retrieve the crafts that had been left on the lunar surface.  Ya'Han had followed because she had offered the assistance of her department as well as her own personal help on this task.

The Chief of Operations came to an immediate stop when he stepped into the transporter room and saw a full security detail standing along side the members of his own department.

"Are we expecting a war?" Jayson asked, having turned to face the grinning woman who stood a single step behind him.

"Given everything that you have told me about what happened down there with the Akitashiinu and my own experience with the Yxidii up here, I thought it best to err on the side of caution," Ya'Han said as she moved forward and gave the Security detail a quick once over.

"Sensors have not picked up any signs of life on the moon's surface," the Chief of Operations said seeing this as having clearly been overkill.  "Everyone was sent back to their dimension.  Heck, you saw the rifts open and the ships be drawn into them just as the ANUBIS was."

"I am very well aware of what I saw," the black haired woman snapped as she pivoted on her heel to face the Ensign, "and aside from it being my responsibility to insure the safety of every member of this crew, be them on board the ANUBIS or planetside, I for one do not trust the sketchy sensor readings we have been able to get.  I think I do not need to remind you of the atmospheric conditions that are still there, standing between us and a the moon's surface.  For all we know there might be a group of Akitashiinu, Yxidii or some other dimensional alien down there waiting for someone to drop in."

"Alright," Jayson said as he moved his shoulder in a reminder of the lesson he had received earlier at the hands of the Chief of Security, "you have made your point."

"Set phasers to maximum stun setting," Ya'Han ordered the Security detail, having turned back to face them.  "You are authorised to fire only should someone be faced with an imminent threat, so don't jump to any hasty actions."  As she turned back to face Jayson, the black haired woman continued, "there will be one of my men for each of yours, so plan accordingly."

"I have the feeling that you are having way too much fun ordering me around on this," Stark half grinned.

"Believe whatever you wish," Ya'Han said in response, "but you know that I am right."

Jayson shook his head knowing that there had been no way for him to even come close to winning his, not that he believed his position to being better or even right.  "Alright, we will be sending seven teams down; the first two will be in charge of flying the BARRACUDA back as it is too large for us to use the transporters on it.  Team 3, 4 and 5, you guys are to set pattern enhancers around the LOCUS so that we can get a solid transporter lock on them.  Teams 6 and 7, you guys are in charge of flying the VIPERs and providing an escort to the BARRACUDA.  Any questions?"

"I only see six teams here," the Chief of Security pointed out.

"I'm team 7, so its looks like you and I are going to be flying a VIPER together," the Chief of Operations said in an overly joyful manner, leaving the Chief of Security to expect a rough flight back to the ANUBIS.

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Setting: Moon of PI ALPHA III, Surface
Stardate: 30149.0945

It had taken some time to see all of the team beam down to their respective coordinates, the atmospheric disturbances having made it hazardous to engage the transporter system.

"Believe it or not," Jayson said as the materialization process came to its completion, "the weather is a hundred times better than it was the first time we came here.  There was no way we would have been able to beam down.  Maybe one of the races had something to do with that."

"Maybe so," the Chief of Security said as she reached for her side arm and stood ready to intervene should something unexpected came their way, "but this is far from being a clear and sunny day."

Jayson laughed.  "On this moon, this is as 'clear and sunny' as I suspect it gets.  All we need to do is make our way to the VIPER and fly it to the rendezvous coordinate to meet up with the BARRACUDA."

The VIPER had not been all that far and the walk would only take a minute over the rough lunar terrain, but it had been enough to give the Chief of Security a good view of the Interceptor type fighter.  "This thing does not appear to be standard Federation issue," Ya'Han said, her attention having become solely focussed on the craft.

"One of the many advantages of being assigned to the ANUBIS my dear," the Chief of Operations chuckled.  "We get to play with some really nice toys."

Ya'Han could only shake her head in response to the man's statement.  Whatever race, the males all seemed to have the same general attraction to anything that could be considered in some way as a toy, a fact that made the black haired woman remember her brothers whom she had left behind in what had become a completely different life.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer