"It Was About Time That Something Went Our Way"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 12, Astrophysics Labstartrekdistanthorizons.yolasite.com
Stardate: 63073.1615
Since well before their arrival into Gorn space, the Shillian Scientist had kept a close watch on all spatial and temporal anomalies which had their origins deep within the asteroid belt in the YUDARA SECTOR. Because of the mineral content of the asteroids and their sheer numbers, the state-of-the-art sensors of the USS ANUBIS had been unable to pinpoint the exact location of the USS PARADOX; in fact the sensors had not even been able to manage a general bearing. That was until now.
"Alright, speak to me," Captain Rikar said as she walked into the Astrophysics Lab, as per the request of the Chief Science Officer.
"So far all of the temporal anomalies that we have encountered and catalogued have been of an unspecific quantum nature and display a noticeable displacement away from the YUDARA SECTOR," the Shillian announced without as much as an acknowledgement for the arrival of the Commanding Officer.
"No specific time flow and moving away from the YUDARA SECTOR," Captain Rikar repeated in a much condensed form. "I truly hope that you did not call me down here to tell me that."
"The problem was that the temporal anomalies seemed to have no quantum cause, or link with one another," the Shillian Scientist continued. "The tetryon signature of each of these spatial anomalies seemed to almost be random which made me wonder if the origin of these anomalies was indeed common. Then our sensors picked up this," the Chief Science Officer stated as she called up the specific sensor data onto the main screen of the Astrophysics Lab.
The crimson haired woman studied with great interest the seemingly endless string of information that scrolled up on the screen, most of which the Commanding Officer of the USS ANUBIS had actually been able to understand.
"This looks like a forced, yet uncontrolled, rupture of the space-time continuum along with something else embedded in the energy wave," Rikar said while she continued to analyse the information in an attempt to make more sense of what the Shillian had showed her.
"The additional harmonics in the energy wave is caused by an Matter/Antimatter reaction chamber that is out of alignment, probably due to a phase variance of the injectors brought on by a breakdown in the temporal shielding," the Chief Science Officer added as she called up the engineering specs of the USS PARADOX.
"We already knew that the PARADOX was at the core of these problems," the Captain offered in an almost disappointed tone.
"Yes we knew this," the Shillian agreed, "but this information had not been sufficient to grant us the ability to narrow our search area for the ship. With these latest sensor scans though we can pinpoint the location of the trans-dimensional vessel within appreciatively ten thousand kilometres."
Given that the YUDARA SECTOR and the asteroid field found within span more than twenty times such an area Rikar found the news to be a good one. "Can we get the ANUBIS close enough to use our transporters and beam directly onboard?"
The Chief Science Officer shook her head and sighed. "Even if we could manoeuvre the ship deep enough into the asteroid field the temporal distortions would make transporting directly onboard next to impossible. We might be able to retrofit some of the VIPERs with temporal shielding and send them in for a recon mission while the away team gathers information at the trading outpost and maybe even finds a way to gain access to the ship."
"It may not be much," the Captain offered, "but at least this will give us a better chance to find the PARADOX and stop it before it is too late."

Jessica Solarik (maya_992003@yahoo.com)
Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)