"Black and White Ball Preparations"
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Setting: New Alexandria, Ensign Andromeda T'Leia's Quarters
Stardate 30149.0800

Andromeda T'Leia opened the door of her quarters and made her way inside.  She had picked up some food items, so that she could make herself some Vulcan Tea, as the replicated variety never had the bouquet that real Vulcan tea leaves held.  She pulled up the ancient Vulcan tea steeper and poured water into it, loading the tea ball with the fragrant leaves, she then dropped it into the slot of the kettle and placed it on the new-wave eye.  Then she made her way to her bed room and tried on the Snowfall gown.  The intricate fabric looked as if it had been woven by Vulcan silk worms, it was light and delicate, the shoes looked as if they were star dust.   She thought about the invitation from the Admiral and why so formal an affair would still be continued even this far away from Starfleet, and she decided that it was because the Admiral was a creature of habit and of good graces.  One did not find a gentleman such as he very often.

After she tried on the gown and decided it  needed no further tailoring, she placed it carefully in the closet and donned her uniform, picking up her PADD, she went to the whistling kettle, pulling out a delicate earth china tea cup moonlight roses with saucer and poured herself a cup of tea.

Walking to the sofa, near the window she sat down and read up on her department and New Alexandria and the reports for her security level on the region.  

Sipping the tea, she looked down at her hands and decided she should give herself a manicure and pedicure before the ball.  She made notations in her personal PADD and then continued her work reading.

Andromeda T'Leia, thought about home her parents still on earth and the Vulcan Ambassadorial consulate, ~Mother and Father will be at the negotiations by now for the Tarialians entry into United Federation of Planets, and by now they have fully made the Tarialians angry with all the Vulcan and Human logic of  waiting and fulfilling all the necessary paperwork and timeline, the Tari were not patient a species. ~   

Rising from her tea and read, she decided to make her rounds of New Alexandria.


Setting New Alexandria, T'Leia's quarters deck.
Stardate:  30149.1000 

Departing her quarters, she walked slowly down the corridor.  The place was not as large as some bases she had been on, yet it did have the 'Bunker Elements' of some other places she had been, throughout her life, some of them dangerous places and some of them peaceful.  She continued her walk, familarizing herself with her temporary home.

Renda Carr

Ensign (Doctor) Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
NCC 18501