(Cont. from "Condensed Power")

Setting: USS PARADOX, Deck 22, D-Drive Control Chamber
Stardate: 63073.1615

The blast had knocked her clear off her feet and tossed the civilian dressed Arcadian Starfleet Ensign across the large room like a rag doll.  Instead of immediately getting back up, Anya stayed on the floor and gazed at the flickering lights embedded in the ceiling.  How had she managed to get into this mess?

While on shore leave, Ensign Green had decided to seek fame and fortune within Gorn space.  The main reason for that having been that no one there knew of or even suspected her record as a light-fingered thief.  Anya had even hoped that she might run into a handsome, wealthy entrepreneur whom she would be able to befriend and later leave with his purse greatly lightened.  Instead she had come across a reptilian by the name of Sumariss who had neither been handsome nor wealthy.  Still the Selay priest had managed to convinced Anya to help; for a price.

None of the members of the sorry excuse for a band of mercenaries who had followed Sumariss onto this ship had recognized it as having been a Starfleet vessel, a fact that had played in the Ensign's favor. Even Anya had found it difficult to accept that the PARADOX had in fact been part of the same fleet she belonged to, the external and internal design having been different from what she had known or even come to expect.  Still there had been little doubt in her mind once she had worked with the computer and dug deeper into the control systems of this 'D-Drive' that this ship belonged to the Federation; the tale-tale fingerprints of engineers had been everywhere.

She had been the one to identify the full potential of this special device and inform Sumariss that the ship, in theory, could not only travel into other dimention but also through time.  That was when the Selay's drive to take control of this ship took over everything else. This ship had been the answer that he had spent the last 7 years searching for.

The prospect of being paid more for this one job than she would have received for an entire year's worth of service as an Ensign had insured that the Arcadian remained loyal to the Selay, but with each failed attempt to master this technology Anya began to wonder if this had truly been worth it.

Being able to travel through time had opened up a great deal of financial possibilities, but unfortunately it had also raised several ethical questions that the Arcadian had managed to ignore for the most part.  Sumariss wanted nothing more than to save the members of his religious order who had been massacred almost a decade ago, while the rest of the mercenaries had wanted nothing more than to see these untold riches that they had been promised.

What worried Anya had been what would happened once Sumariss' quest had been completed?  If the ship remained in the hands of the mercenaries the potential for profit had been more than any Ferengy could have ever imagine, but it was easy to see that no one else had thought of the impact this would have on the countless lives found within the galaxy.

Could Ensign Anya Green, an Arcadian once consumed with the desire to obtain nothing but wealth, truly place her selfish desire above the safety and lives of billions of other lives?

Dawn Bohr <serra.moon.angel@gmail.com>
Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
Assistant Chief Science Officer