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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Shar'El's Quarters
Stardate: 30149.0730

Never had she expected the trip back to her quarters to be so long.  From the Black Hole Lounge on deck 16 back to her quarters on deck 2, Shar'El felt as if she had crossed the entire span of the known universe and fought against every hostile races along the way.

Even the brightness of the lights in her quarters had assaulted the ILO sending her crashing down back against the wall near the entrance.  Shar'El had been quick to request from the computer to cancel the illumination, but her doing so had caused her to fall victim to the volume of her own voice which could have been compared to the explosion of several dozen quantum torpedoes.

Crawling on the floor from the entrance to her bed, the ILO kept on wishing in perfect silence for the ship to stop moving.  As soon as she would be able to do so, Shar'El would give the crewman at the helm a piece of her mind for having made the ANUBIS do so many rolls.  Halfway to her destination, the black haired woman made a mental note to confront the redheaded engineer for having tempered with the artificial gravity of the ship making it possible for her to actually feel the full force of each of these blasted rolls.

The climb up onto her bed had been likened to one of her exams back at Starfleet Academy where the then cadet had been told to make her way up an inversed wall over a hundred meters tall using nothing but her hands.  Starfleet took pride in the physical training of its officers, a fact that the ILO had not been overly keen upon at the time or now,

The softness of the sheets welcomed the troubled form of the Intelligence Liaison Officer with a gentleness that Shar'El had been most grateful for.  Now if only the voices that had followed her back to her quarters could be made to be still, the black haired woman would be able to find the peace she so desperately needed to recuperate from the debriefing Eve and Sonja had put her through.

=/\= Doctor Mizore to Ensign Shar'El, =/\= the thundering call made the ILO take a solid hold of the sheets beneath her form for fear that the sonic shockwave would send her flying across the room.  Why had the computer set the volume to be at such a extreme level?  It would be something that the black haired woman would have to address with the redheaded engineer, Lieutenant Paquette obviously having some score to settle against the helpless Intel Liaison Officer.

=/\= Doctor Mizore to Ensign Shar'El, are you alright?  The Captain has asked that all members of the away team who went to the moon surface be given a complete physical.  I thought that I would contact each member of the senior staff and see if we could set a time," the Bajoran medical officer explained, not understanding why no reply had been given to her first call.

Shar'El did her best to make sense of what she had heard.  The ILO had recognized the voice of the ACMO but failed to understand why the Doctor had decided to have her voice come across a few dozen times over the open communications channel causing a deafening echo to fill the quarters.

"Maybe later Doctor," the black haired woman managed to say, her own words having echoed off the nearby walls to return to her position on top of the bed with vengeance.

=/\= Are you feeling alright? You sound ill, =/\= Doctor Mizore continued having easily picked up on the laboured tone of the ILO's voice.  =/\= Would you like for me to send a medical team to your quarters, or maybe you would be more comfortable if I went there myself to check up on you. =/\=

The ILO's head felt as if it had been ready to implode from all of the sounds and voices that had come to fill the silence she had hoped to find in her quarters.  Obviously the entirety of the universe had been poised against her and there would be no escaping it.  "If I say that I will be there in a few hours, will you stop with the echoing voices?"

=/\= Echoing voices? =/\= Seska repeated, not entire certain that she had heard correctly or what the ILO might have wanted to say.  =/\= I think it would be best if you came to Sickbay right away Ensign. =/\=

"On my way," the black haired woman reluctantly agreed to hoping that this would put an end to the unending sonic assault which had threatened to shatter her skull and let all of her memories be violently splattered on the walls of her quarters.

=/\= I shall be expecting you shortly then.  Mizore out. =/\= the ACMO added which sent the ILO to roll clear off her bed against the nearest wall.  If the Doctor had wanted to kill her, why had she not used a more silent method such as a warp core breach?  As Shar'El crawled her way out from between the wall and bed, the black haired woman continued to wish for the voices that filled the room to be quiet, even if only fr a second or two.

Trying her best to focus on the positive aspects of her current situation, Shar'El reminded herself that Sickbay had only been five decks down, a trek that would pale in comparison with the one that she had endured to make her way back to her quarters not so long ago.  It had been true that the ILO would have preferred to stay here but it appeared that the voices had conspired against her on that point.

Having been so outnumbered Shar'El had been left with no other option than to comply and head for Sickbay where hopefully Doctor Mizore would be able to quiet the voices down.  The black haired ILO also hoped that the ACMO would be able to accomplish this in a perfectly silent manner so as to not aggravate the relentless assault that she had been unable to escape from thus far.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer