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Setting: SELAY, Temple of Sanai
Stardate: 55244.0200 (roughly 7 years ago)
The continuingly increasing members of the fledgling religious order had long ago retired to their sleeping quarters within their sacred temple… unaware of the plan that had been set in motion against them. For the Selay, the idea of a religious order fully dedicated to peace had been as alien as the United Federation of Planets, but that had not been the reason for the opposition that the group had generated.
In addition to the peaceful ways being preached by the order's leaders, new members were encouraged to give up the old ways and forgo killing… even for food. In the entire known history of the Selay people, none had ever eaten something other than freshly killed meat. This along had galvanized the rest of the general population into a single-minded opposition.
The Temple of Sanai would not see the rising of the next day's sun, and those inside would be granted an eternal peace… somewhat similar to the one their leaders preached.
When the carnage began, only a handful of young acolytes managed to escape into the nearby hills. Hours later an intensive search was initiated for them and all were brought back in shackles before the sun had reached its apogee over the city's main building where justice was dealt… usually quickly and deadly.
In a show of mercy, the leaders of the public revolt allowed the handful of young Selay to avoid the fate of their fellow worshipers and were exiled from SELAY to never set foot on their homeworld for as long they lived.
Sumariss silently vowed that he would return to his home and show the others the error of their ways… and in time they would come to accept this religious movement as a step in their society's evolution.
Setting: YUDARA SECTOR, Asteroid Field
Stardate: 63070.0615 (roughly 3 days ago)
The exiled Selay had ventured into this region of the galaxy in search a kind soul to assist in his work to return home as a visionary… not be hunted as an heretic as he had been for the last 7 years. At first Sumariss had given vessels from his planet only a minor leeway… but over the years it had become evident that this had not been sufficient if he had wanted to remain alive. Now several light-years separated him from any Selay ships.
Sumariss had been rather shocked to see a Selay freighter in orbit of the trade center… and as small as the ship might have been it had been enough for the exiled acolyte to seek refuge deep within the asteroid field and wait for the freighter's departure.
While waiting in peaceful meditation Sumariss allowed his thoughts to venture to a time that he hoped would be in the near future when he would be able to return home as if nothing had happened. If only had been able to travel back in time, he would have been able to warn his fellow believer of the attack and save them all from the unspeakable horrors that had been unleashed upon them.
It was then that a strange ship unexpectedly appeared in a burst of light and led the exiled Selay into a sequence of events that would be felt across the entire galaxy.
Setting: USS PARADOX, Deck 22, D-Drive Control Chamber
Stardate: 63073.1600
Samuriss entered the room that he had been visiting over the last 3 days on a regular basis… each time holding onto the hopes that the solution to the events of 7 years ago had been within his grasp.
"I think I finally managed to stabilize the temporal field," a mercenary engineer announced, his only interest having been in discovering the secrets of this ship… not to help the Selay in his foolish quest.
"You did not," Sumariss announced in a rather matter-of-fact manner.
"How are you so sure?" the Engineer inquired. "There is no way for us to tell from here."
"Unless you have just made this breakthrough a few seconds ago, I can say with certainty that you have failed in your efforts," Sumariss said… an profound emphasis on all of the *S* sounds in his words hinted to a high level of disappointment.
"Alright mister *smarty-pants*," the engineer snapped as he echoed the Selay's way of speaking. "Since you are so smart, tell me how you know this so certainly."
"I just came from a very lengthy discussion with Sobaless… my mentor and leader of the religious order I belong to… a Selay of amazing wisdom and one who was killed by the acts of short-sighted people more then 7 years ago."
"Great," the engineer sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. "At this rate I might has well just place a photonic grenade in the entire assembly and see what happens," the frustrated mercenary uttered as he unleashed a single powerful kick against the base of one of the control consoles. Immediately a set of explosions filled the room… the last of which created a temporal shockwave that knocked everyone off their feet and extended well beyond the hull of the alien vessel.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 12, Astrophysics Lab
Stardate: 63073.1605
Maya's eyes lit up as she noted a sudden change in the readings from her instruments.
"Captain Rikar," the Scientist called out after having tapped her comm badge. "Please report to the Astrophysics Lab… I have something important to show you… and time is of the essence."
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