"A New Start to Better Days"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Nineteen, Isolation Room One
Stardate: 30148.2103

Mizore had initially been both shocked at Morningstar's sudden presence and surprised to hear the Captain speak, his words had come to elicit a reaction of fear, having personally experienced first hand the effects the biotechnological living machine had done to her. The mechanized whispers that it suggested as it explored the Bajoran's mind, as it raided or ravaged her thoughts for those things she kept secret, or hidden in obscurity. Eventually the quieted whispers had turned in to roaring chanted shouts that rang loudly in her head, invading her mentally as it attempted to impose itself on the ACMO, continuously forcing itself against the strength and temerity of her will.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Fifteen, Personal Quarters
Stardate: 30149.2140

When Mizore had finally been cleared, allowed to leave the confines of Isolation Room One, to walk the ship, all she wished for or wanted was to return to her own space, a place that was hers alone. That of her personal quarters on Deck Fifteen, which had come to possess certain comfort of atmosphere and some faint familiarity that welcomed her at the mere sight of the scene when the doors opened before her.

The last thoughts to cross Seska's mind, was how or that she had come to a state of hunger where the lack of sustenance or food appealed more than the act of actually eating it, and that she was grateful to be back on a Starship and off PI APLHA III, before she fell to her bed and slipped silently into the deep hours.

Somewhere between reality and the realm of dreams, her mind began to spiral, coiled in to a twisted web of terror of the event and horror of losing herself to the ancient device, as the nightmares began to sweep over her, keeping Mizore restless in or during the twilight. The sole experience while having been one with the living machination on PI ALPHA III that haunted her, might have seemed benign from the rest of the crew's perceptions or perspective, save Captain Eric Morningstar. She could not help think the entire incident was similar to or could be compared to the assimilation process of the Borg. 

Cold, emotionless, and inhuman, with a single minded purity of purpose or intent, tearing in to or through ones mind for answers or information it simply wanted or desired.

As Seska realized, coming to the revelation how the machine in the depths of the lunar subterra and the relative semblance it posed to the Borg and or it's technology, had started to greatly unnerve her, like some mental twitch lying just out of reach, that only served to unsettle her even more as moments passed measured in minutes seemed to stretch on.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Sixteen, Main Holodeck Five
Stardate: 30149.0500

When the ACMO decided it was no longer possible to rest, or resist the urge to stir from her bed. Her exhausted and weary mind from the torture and torment, had driven her to seek out the Holodeck. Seska needed or required something familiar, a routine, or mental escape, something, anything that would get her out of her head, even if only for a while.

Mizore methodically paced about the inner area of the room, slowly stepping as she walked, acclimating herself to the dimensions of Holodeck Five. Shaking off any thought or memory of the past Twenty Three hours, stretching while adjusting to her spatial surroundings. 

"Computer, open and or establish a link to my Personal Access Display Device, access Holodeck simulation 'Tron', and download to Main Holodeck System. When the transfer is complete, initiate the specified program, and set simulation to mode Zero." Seska's voice was strangely or uncommonly quiet, lacking its normally typical cadence and pitch as a result from the significant drain from the engaging activities and lack or deprivation of peaceful sleep in the last solar cycle, giving her speech a more listless feel to the sound of her words.

=/\= Requested file inaccessible. Requesting verification and authorization, Doctor. =/\= Seska recoiled slightly at the metallic tone of the mechanized voice of the ships computer.

"Verify, Mizore Seska. Authorization Papa-Two-Three-Seven-Five. Code, Isabeau. "Spoken as she came to stand at perfect center of the squared room. "Computer, sound commands and responses only, no verbal communication. "Two pair or sets of ascending twin chimes, one, the first, to acknowledge and confirm her request for auditory mode, the second to notify that the simulation file had been successfully transferred and stored on the ships holodeck computer.

When the holodeck simulation had started, the base geometric grid of the standard holodeck faded, replaced by reflective polished black composite walls set with pure white lights arranged in varying linear designs or configurations, which seemed to glow rather than actually illuminate the shadowed room.

As Seska held her position at her spot in the now seemingly infinite field of black and white, wearing something resembling a matte finished flight suit the color of obsidian detailed with some form of ornate, radiant fluorescent green markings, and a matching combat jacket.

Eventually, the ACMO closed her eyes, expanding her conscious awareness, before taking the basic passive Vulcan form then shifting her weight, prior to assuming the first primary stance of Ke Tarya Yatar. It was an easy enough act or task, as it had become like a second nature for Seska to perform the graceful movements and flowing motions of the particular martial art style. Requiring no more from her than reflexive instinct and physical motor memory, providing the perfect diversion or solution to her unfortunate situation.

As Mizore began, always from one fixed position, she started with the simplest of movements, leading into the list of basic techniques that followed them, seamlessly transitioning from one in to another. Where each one she advanced through, steadily increased in speed, difficulty, or lethality. With each new beginning from a different originating position or orientation, sweat had suddenly appeared as a sensation or warmth rose inside her, she continued through the Eight forms, from their base techniques ascending in to advanced moves, finally ending each series by executing one of several variations of the dim mak, which required exceptional skill, and were known only by those who were masters of Ke Tarya Yatar.

When she finished, or completed the entire ritual, she opened her eyes in somewhat better spirits or mood, gazing for what felt like a long moment, from her memory came a sudden thought that now felt as a lifetime ago, she remembered.

The Bajoran turned toward the door as she exited Holodeck Five, when she stopped briefly, giving into a parting look at the scenery, a small but noticeable smile planted on her lips for a spell, thinking back to when it all started in her third year at Starfleet Academy. "Computer, end simulation and terminate program." The gloss black walls with white lined designs faded, and Seska was gone, stepping into the corridor as she exited the room, making her way back to her quarters.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Fifteen, Personal Quarters
Stardate: 30149.0604

Soon as she had arrived to her quarters, with little to distract or delay her, Mizore immediately hit the sonic shower, chills ran from the base of her spine to the nape of her neck, her body shivered at the first touch of the pulse vibrations. Cleaning the last solar cycles remnants of lunar dust, the remaining traces of dried blood from the head injury she suffered while on the SPHINX, and the recent slick sweat from the Vulcan kata from her body.

When she was satisfied she had completed that, the ACMO went through the process of getting herself ready to a level expected of Starfleet officer. Dressed in emerald green and jett black, with her hair pulled back, braided, and pinned up. Lastly changing the metal ornamentation on the right ear from the heavy gauge tritanium, for one of a more plain style with a polished silver tinted finish.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Sixteen, Black Hole, Main Level
Stardate: 30149.0622

Departing from her quarters, PADD in hand, she had set a course for the Black Hole down one level on Deck Sixteen, finally having some degree of time to eat, as she had not subsisted on anything more than two milaberry synthale late the evening prior to the 'training mission' on PI ALPHA III.

At her arrival, when she walked through the door, her eyes glanced to the bar, sliding over the establishment. Before Seska moved to the bar, pausing before she seated herself, made an intentional gesture, offering the typical Vulcan display of greeting directed toward Eve, Sonja, and Shar'El.

Taking up a space to seat herself, she had wished to join the women, if she wasn't pressed for time and quite as preoccupied with filing her official report for the ship's log on exactly what happened on the lunar surface. Wasting little time, as she looked at the fella behind the the counter, her twin colored eyes, which had given her the impression that they had not seen anything quite as strange, where he leaned toward her taking a second look.

"Tall mug of coffee, triple strong with two shots of kava, a slice of groatcake, small bowl of plomeek broth with a dash of rekja, two slices heavily toasted makapa bread, bacon on the side. Please, if you wouldn't mind." Laying her device down, resting it on the dark tabletop beside her, she continued a conversation with him, often tossing in the occasional comment, trading stories, and exchanging witty lines while she simultaneously fed herself and worked on filing her away mission report.

Just as the Bajoran was slipping the last bite of cake into her mouth, washing it down with the few drips of coffee left, there was, she felt, a gentle pressure tapping on her shoulder. Turning her head as she her whole self spun around, was Dalziel vaguely towering over her with a sociable, welcoming expression.

"You absolutely must come sit and join us, seems we are having a little post mission after party. So far it has been somewhat of a ladies night." Her cobalt eyes, the color of ice looking back at the red headed engineer and the intel liaison in passing before returning to focus her gaze on Seska.

"You are aware its nigh on Zero Seven hundred hours now, Counselor? The night has come and gone." Giving the woman a soft grip on her arm as Mizore rose from her stool at the bar to her feet. " I do appreciate the invitation, and perhaps I, or we, will get together another time. However, I am due for my shift in Sickbay, as it is my first 'official' day on assignment, I cannot, that is, I am, or would be loathe to be late. You understand. . . Yes?"

Giving the Cardassian a mild, good natured nudge to her side that almost tipped the woman over, Seska turned to leave, raising her right hand in the customary Vulcan mannerism, looking back at Dalziel from the door, with a nod of her head, a friendly wink, and amiable smile.  " Rokaya aka, Eve."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30149.0705

Along the way, as the ACMO made her path striding toward Sickbay, there was something quite different the way she saw or viewed Dalziel. She no longer considered her just another Cardassian, after having spent a lengthy sum of time with her during the away mission to the moon. What she was or where her kind came from seemed irrelevant or no longer mattered. It had become obvious to her, the two of them, both Mizore and Dalziel, now shared in at least three separate yet specific aspects. Bajoran culture, Starfleet, and the recent trans dimensional trip to PI ALPHA III and back.

As soon as she had arrived, having barely had or found the time to settle in and get situated, when the CO came over communications.

=/\= Morningstar to Sickbay.=/\= The sound of his voice seemed rather chipper for such an early hour of the day as it was.

"Sickbay." Seska replied. "Mizore here. What can I do for you, Captain? "

=/\= Oh, good morning Doctor Mizore. =/\=

"Likewise, morning and salutations to you as well, Captain." Seska announced with a grin.

=/\= I had expected to contact the CMO, Doctor Doyanne, however, I see no reason why you can't take care of it. =/\=

"Well, that certainly inspires me to motivation. Have you thought about a career as a Starfleet Recruiter, or a Command level position in Starfleet, Sir? " Her words had come to be spoken in a rather comical delivery, as she chortled a little.

There was an instance of silence, interrupted by a lighthearted guffaw coming over the system from Erik.

=/\= By the Prophets, =/\= Erik chuckled in a way he hoped the Bajoran would find somewhat amusing, =/\= what has gotten into you ladies this morning? =/\=

"Oh, now you are just goading me." She shot back "All jesting aside." She uttered in a mach serious tone." What is the nature of this medical enterprise? " She laughed a little more, hoping to catch Morningstar with a quick segue of clever wordplay.

=/\= I would like a medical follow up for those of the Senior Crew having spent any time present on PI ALPHA III. =/\=

"Understood, I will see to it, and get right on it." Allowing a momentary pause as she considered how best to perform such a role, immediately working up a systematic order, rough schedule, and a list of the Nine, Seven of which would need time for a short yet detailed physical and immunobiological exam.

Gwen Spellblade

Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer