"Extensive *Irish* Debriefing"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 30148.2315

"Alright ladies, bottoms up," Sonja said when their drinks had arrived.

Shar'el looked at her tankard rather dubiously, "Not sure this is fit for humanoid consumption."

"It's not… That is the point," the redhead stated as she drank from her tankard.  Eve grinned at the two women as she leaned back in her chair seeing that this was most likely going to be a long and interesting evening.  She took a couple of gulps of her drink with just a mild grimace.

After seeing that this drink did not kill the ships counsellor Shar'el bravely took up her tankard, took a deep breath and seemed to say a small prayer internally.  The dark haired woman brought the tankard to her lips and gulped several large swallows of the Klingon drink.  The effect was almost immediate, the woman's eyes opened so wide it looked like they would fall out; as her breath came out in an almost raspy gasp her face having turn fuchsia.  Sonja and Eve both laughed as the ILO was recovering from her first experience with Chech'tluth.

"Now that my friend will put hair on your chest," the CEO stated.  Shar'el's shock at this comment was quickly dissipated as she saw Eve laughing realizing this was just another one of the engineer's odd comments.  

"Perhaps our next round should be a bit milder'" the counsellor suggested, "maybe a Risian sunrise… ?"

"I think that would be a good idea," the redhead agreed as she looked at the still recovering ILO.
"But I choose Kanar for the round after that…" Eve said with a bit of mischief in her eyes.

Sonja looked at the counselor with a raised eyebrow, "Well looks like I'm not the only one who likes a drink now and again," and with a smile added, "not the molasses one I hope, let's make it the good stuff."

"Thinner the better," the black haired counselor said with a big grin as she held up her tankard in toast fashion.

"Oh yeah... now it's a party!!" Sonja stated with a laugh.

"Do I want to know what Kanar is?" Shar'el asked a little wary of the response.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 30149.0630 (The next morning)

"Good morning, Captain" the bartender said with a smile, "on a walkabout?"

"I couldn't sleep and needed to clear my head," Morningstar stated.

"If a change of ideas is what you are looking for, that back table might do the trick," the man behind the bar stated with a smile.  A peal of laughter was heard at that moment from the direction the bartender had motioned to.

"Been here, long have they?" the Captain asked with a grin.

"Indeed sir, my shift started at midnight, and they were well into their tankards then," the man said with a large smile. "I will say Captain that I am indeed surprise that they are still coherent, considering the amount of Kanar and Chech'tluth sent to that table."

"Impressive to say the least," Erik laughed.  "I think I will go pay my officers a visit," he said to the barman with a grin as they nodded their farewells.

The Captains eyes first fell to the ships counselor who was lounging back in her seat with her feet crossed up on another chair.  The ILO was leaning forward and resting her head rather heavily in her hands. The CEO sitting with her back to him had her arm out in a right angle to her body with what seemed to be a spoon in her hand.

"Seriously, I can balance the spoon on my nose in one shot," Sonja said with inebriated confidence.

Shar'el giggled and hiccupped, "You can't do it, no way."

Eve having spied the Captain smiled and said with mischief, "Tell you what if you can do it you can have my favorite earrings," making eye contact of a sort with the Captain and giving him a small wink, "but if you miss you have to give a big kiss to Captain Morningstar," the counsellor finished.

The Captain hearing this slowed his progress, to see the outcome.

"Ok, here goes, drumroll please." The redhead said to the ILO, who obliged by tapping her hands on the table.

The Engineer aimed the spooned hand toward the proboscis in question, tilting her head ever so slightly. She wiggled the bowl of the spoon onto her nose, trying to position it.  As she let go the spoon clanked to the floor.  "Dang it, this usually works," Sonja stated with disappointment.
Both the spectating ladies at the table gave a hoot of laughter at this result.

"Ok, time to pay your debt and pucker up Sonja," Eve said as the Captain arrived to stand next to his CEO.

"Good morning ladies," Morningstar grinned at the scene before him.

"Buenos dias El Capitain," the redhead said having recovered from her shock at having the CO appear next to her.

"Counsellor?" Erik asked making direct eye contact with the ranking officer of the table.

"Conducting extensive mission debriefing," Eve replied with a soft chuckle.

"This… Is a mission debriefing?" the smiling CO asked.

"Wellllll… it started out that way, but…" Eve began.

"Sir, in all fairyness it was my fault. I ordered the first round of drinks," Sonja began wanting to help.

Erik turned to face his CEO. "Did you not just lose a bet? We will discuss the debt owed later," the Native American stated trying to sound stern.

"Ummm…" was all the redhead was able to utter.

 "Oh god," muttered Shar'el as her head flopped onto her arms on the table.

"I'm expecting a report on this rather unique debriefing," the CO stated as he looked at the Cardassian born counsellor. "Considering the general state of affairs I will expect it sometime tomorrow?" he added in a playfully serious manner.

"Yes, sir," the counsellor replied praying internally that she remembers this.

"Carry on," the Captain said in a stern manner, as he turned and walked away smiling and shaking his head slightly.  The Captain left the Black Hole Lounge and allowed himself to laugh at the scene he had left behind once out of earshot of those inside.

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