"A Different Perspective"
(Cont. from "Condensed Power")

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Main Engineering
Stardate: 63073.1545

Aki and Elliot worked under the guidance and supervision of the giant CEO as well as with the assistance of the ANUBIS' Avatar who had held the answer to their problem within her all along.  As much as the aCSciO tried to focus all of her attention on the task at hand, the Ensign could not help but look at Annie and wonder what other surprise hid beneath that Vulcan demeanor or hers.

"Aki?" Elliot asked.  "Do you think that the power regulator that we are looking at will be enough to maintain the field's strength or should we look at a way to adding another?"

The aCSciO turned to face the COO and realized from the look on his face that the question had been asked more than once before, obviously Aki's thoughts had not been as focused as she would have liked them to be.  Quickly reviewing the data available to her the Ensign finally answered,  "The power regulator seems to be more than adequate for the task, plus we don't want to make this device too large or heavy. Annie possesses a strength many times that of a normal Human, therefore we have to keep in mind that the device we are creating will be carried by someone much weaker."

"We still need to keep in mind the safety of each and ever member of the away team," Elliot stated as a counter argument.  "Personally I would be more than willing to carry a few extra kilograms if it meant that I would not risk having my atoms spread to the far corners of this galaxy."

"Based on the information gathered by Lt. Cmdr. Maya on the temporal distortions within the YUDARA SECTOR, the ability of the away team to move quickly will be far more important than their own safety.  Time is, and will continue to be our greatest challenge," Annie coldly stated having accessed the stated information through her own unique link with the ANUBIS' system.

"I'm sorry if I don't see this as clear-cut as you two do," Elliot said to the two woman standing around the engineering work station. "Personally I would like to know that whatever device I am carrying on me while I'm looking for clues will not suddenly fail and leave me vulnerable to the temporal shockwaves that are sweeping through that asteroid field or worst blow me up into sub-atomic particles."

"Any delays, as small as they may be, could prove disastrous, not only for the members of this ship but to the countless sentient life forms living in this the galaxy.  Currently there is no data available to indicate that these temporal distortions will not continue to spread outward and eventually engulf this quadrant, galaxy, and beyond," Annie said in a way that hit Elliot like a runaway starship.

"Are you alright?" The Oltharian asked of the bewildered COO.

Elliot seemed to hesitate a little, but after a deep breath the Ensign looked up at the giant CEO.  "As Starfleet Officers we are told that our actions can have repercussions that can affect an entire planet and civilization, but I don't recall anyone ever mentioning that the fate of the entire galaxy could come to rest on whether or not we succeed in our mission."

"All life is inter-connected," the Oltharian offered.  "Saving a single life can lead to a world finding its way out of the darkness that has engulfed it for generations, or condemn it to generations of servitude under a tyrannical dictator.  We cannot waste time pondering the full impact of our actions; the best we can do is act in accordance to our values and try as best we can to place the well being of others before our own."

The COO let out a lengthy sigh as he returned his attention to the small screen in front of him.  The situation they faced and needed to deal with had proven to be far more important than Elliot could have ever imagined, a fact that rather troubled both him and Akira.

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Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
Assistant Chief Science Officer