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"Second Breakfast"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor
Stardate: 30149.0715

The black haired Chief of Security had made an important mental note about the ANUBIS' Chief of Operations, Ensign Jayson Stark; that he was as stubborn as a Ferengi holding onto profit.  Needless to say that this had not endeared the man in the eyes of the woman who had managed to be convinced to follow him for breakfast.  After their rather short bout in the gymnasium, Ya'Han had been ready to end things right there and then, but training partner had different plans.

He had insisted using countless different ways and methods for the black haired woman to accompany him for breakfast, each time Ya'Han would refuse Jayson would try again with even more zeal.  Eventually the Chief of Security had simply given up. and reluctantly followed him out of the gymnasium.

Ideas of her running away and hiding had crossed Ya'Han's mind, but those were quickly dismissed without a second thought.  Her days of running from her problems had long been put behind her, and after four years at Starfleet Academy the now Chief of Security had grown to face things with her head held high.  Still, if an opportunity should present itself, the black haired woman had been ready to take it without having to be asked twice.

"Ensign Ya'Han," Jayson said after having turned around to see the Chief of Security lagging several meters behind.  "For someone who moves as fast as you do in a fights, you sure walk slow.  Did you injure yourself in tossing me like a rag doll down to the mat or are you trying to figure out a better way to get me onto my back for the next time we train together?"

"Next time we train together?" Ya'Han repeated, never having expected the Chief of Operations to contemplate a repeat of what had taken place in the Gymnasium earlier.  "I would have thought that you had been given more than enough the last time."

"Nah," Jayson shrugged as he smiled.  "I can think of several far less pleasant ways to being knocked down."  Ya'Han stopped in mid-stride trying to figure out what the man had exactly meant by his words.  When Jayson noted the expression of curiosity he continued.  "In our last mission I experienced several such unpleasant moments, but this morning was not what I would classify as having been an unpleasant experience." 

Ya'Han had been ready to ask for details about how the Chief of Operations had seen what had happened this morning but the conversation had apparently come to an end when Jayson had turned his back to the Ensign as he resumed his course towards the Black Hole Lounge.

Whatever questions the black haired Chief of Security might have had would simply have t wait until they reached their destination.

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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 30149.0725

Ensign Stark had waited at the entrance of the Black Hole Lounge, just out of range of the door sensors, giving his breakfast companion the time she appeared to need to catch up.  Once Ya'Han arrived next to him, the Chief of Operations took a single step forward which caused the doors to open.

As the two Ensigns entered the large two-level room, their attention was quickly drawn to one of the far tables where three other senior officers had been sitting at.  The scene by itself had not been such a strange occurance, but the cheering and signing that had come from that region of the lounge had, to say the least, been unexpected.

Both Jayson and Ya'Han stood motionless for several seconds as they tried their best to make sense of what they had witnessed.  Had this been some sort of illusion, a trick of the eyes or had this truly been as they had perceived it to be?

"Looks like there was a party and we weren't invited," Jayson chuckled dryly as he glanced back over his shoulder to the Chief of Security who seemed almost ready to rush in.  "What do you think you are going to do?" the Chief of Operations asked in a whispered voice.  "Aside from the fact that they are members of the senior staff, two of them actually *outrank* you.  You also have to keep something in mind, you weren't there when all hell broke loose as we tried to reach the surface.  We each have our ways of dealing with stress, and this one seems to be a rather harmless way.  They have fun and let loose, you toss unsuspecting Ensign flat on their back."

Ya'Han had been ready to say something in response but the more she tried to speak the more she found that nothing she could say could or would fit the situation.  Eventually the Chief of Security nodded her head in agreement and motioned the Chief of Operations to sit at a nearby table.  "Let's have that breakfast you wanted, I only ask one thing."
"One thing?" Jayson said, intrigued and confused.

"No bagels or orange juice," Ya'Han said, almost pleading, her last breakfast having been something that she had been more than ready to forget.

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Hanali Han 

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer