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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Corridor
Stardate: 63073.1505

The young woman made her way down the corridor leading to the ANUBIS' Sickbay… the look in her eyes warned anyone she encountered to stay out of her way. To have a fight on her ship had been bad enough, but to see this altercation involve the Assistant Chief of Security had forced the redhead's presence.

"Alright!" the Captain stated as she entered Sickbay without any undo ceremony, "what happened?"

"We are not entirely sure Captain," Ensign Lopez answered from the nearest biobed on which the ship's Sec/Tac Officer laid unconscious. Although a little taken aback by the sudden entrance of their CO, the Assistant CMO continued with her duties which pertained to monitoring the Kzinti Officer's vital signs.

"Ensign Drell and our guest decided to go *Klingon* on us… that was before Ensign Fanggot intervened," Doctor Summers announced as she made her way to the main biobed where Karg had been sitting. "We ended up sedating Drell and Hex which means that there is only one who can explain what really happened… and he is being rather stubborn about saying anything at the moment."

Although a little vague on the details, Rikar understood that the two Klingons had for one reason or another decided to come to blows and that Hex had stepped in just in time to avoid the situation from going further. With this knowledge in hand, the redheaded woman approached the sitting Klingon who displayed clear signs of having been on the receiving end of the confrontation.

"Mr. Karg," Rikar began in a calm voice, her former training as a ship's Counsellor never being too far behind. "When you were brought onboard this ship from the Romulan War Bird it was under the idea of rendering assistance… not to see a hostile element disrupt this vessel's operations.

The Klingon quickly raised his eyes to meet those of the ANUBIS' CO, but just when Rikar had expected the man to talk he lowered his gaze back down and further solidified his silence.

"Captain," the Cardassian-born Ensign offered in a whispered voice as she slid by the CO's side. "Maybe I can try something different," Eve offered having seen the exchange. The moment Captain Rikar had decided to investigate this matter personally, Ensign Dalziel had opted to follow and assist in whatever way possible.

Not having been in the mood for a lengthy debate, Rikar agreed to the Counsellor's suggesion and the redheaded woman turned her attention back to the CMO.

Doctor Summers understood that her report had been required even before the CO had made the request. "It all happened so fast," the CMO stated. "One moment Drell and Karg were talking, and the next our FCO was pounding our guest with all of his might… had Hex not jumped into the fight as quickly as she did, I fear that Karg would have been dealt a one-way trip to Sto-Vo-Kor. What surprised me the most was that Karg didn't put up any fight at all."

"Are you certain that he is Klingon?" Rikar inquired, unable to accept the idea that a member of this warrior race would actually turn away from a fight.

"I don't get it either," the CMO said with a lengthy sigh. "Medically speaking there is nothing wrong with Karg… if there is an answer to this, it's psychological and I suspect that it is going to take a while to get it out of him," Doctor Summers added as she glanced in Eve's direction.

"Let me know as soon as Drell wakes up," the CO instructed thinking that a little time for her to cool down would be wise before the redheaded woman pivoted on her heels and headed back out of the room, not having obtained any more information than she had when she had arrived.

"I don't think she's overly happy about this," Adriana mentioned to Eve in a whispered voice.

"There are a thousand things a CO needs to think about," the CNS replied. "Physical in-fighting between officers is never a good thing… even at the best of times… and this is far from being such a time."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1510

While the CO investigated the events that had taken place in Sickbay, Ensign Thomas and Mitshiba had been busy with the task the redhead had given the aCSciO.

"The miniature field generator could easily be installed in a belt or armband," the ANUBIS' COO stated as he looked at the preliminary designed created by Ensign Mitshiba.

"The field generator has never been the issue… it's the power supply that is the problem," the Asian woman pointed out, this problem having been with them since the start of their work. "I am pretty such that the Captain wants this to work without having everyone carrying a miniature fusion reactor on their back."

"Alright… we have been looking at this problem every way possible," Thomas sighed in frustration. "Either the power supply is not sufficient, too large or too dangerous," the COO explained as he glanced at the various designs that the pair had so far imagined.

"Elliot… you know that I have the utmost respect for you, but I think we need a little more help," Mitshiba nervously suggested.

The COO waited for a few seconds before he nodded his understanding and agreement. "I know exactly who we call ask to help."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Main Engineering
Stardate: 63073.1515

"Captain," the Olthartian stated with a distinct tone of surprise in his voice. "It is an honour to see you here."

"Thank you Elan," Rikar grinned. Although the ANUBIS had been *her* ship, it had been general knowledge that Engineering in any form had been the CO's weakest point. "Just came to see how everything was," the Captain stated keeping the truth to herself… that she had just wanted to go for a walk while she contemplated the situation that she had left behind in Sickbay.

"All systems are operating within established parameters," the CEO reported with pride. "Thanks to the modifications made to the Ablative Armour and Bio-Regenerative Hull, the temporal shock waves that we have encountered thus far have not had any effect on our systems."

"I am very happy to hear this Lieutenant," Rikar said as her eyes scanned the ANUBIS' Main Engineering as if it had been an alien world to her. "If your time and duties permit, I would like for you to touch base with Ensign Mitshiba. I gave her a difficult project and I am sure that she would be more than happy to be able to draw upon your expertise."

"I would be honoured to help," the gentle giant replied with a smile.

The redheaded woman grinned. "How did I know you would say that?"

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Astrophysics Lab
Stardate: 63073.1525

Since the young woman had decided to take a walk around the ship, Rikar opted to check up on Maya next… the CSciO having been busy since their arrival into Gorn space with the monitoring of all temporal anomalies in this region of space. As the CO stepped into the room she was met with a large holographic representation of this sector of space… and within it several small spheres or various colours could be seen, some stationary while others actually moved, grew or shrank to the naked eye.

"Let me guess," the former CSciO began with as she took a few more steps into the room. "Each of these coloured spheres represents a temporal anomaly that our sensors have picked-up?"

"Actually," the ANUBIS' CSciO corrected, "the spheres being displayed in this holographic image are of the anomalies which have a quantum fluctuation of 15 Temporal units or more.… the colours represent the recorded flow of time within them. As you can see, some of these temporal anomalies are rather extensive in size and temporal impact… thus far the worst I have observed was one in which time flowed backwards at a rate of 1 month per second."

"I know people who would love to spend a few minutes there… the legendary fountain of youth," Rikar stated in an effort to offset the gravity of the situation that had been displayed before her. If the spheres represented only the most sever anomalies, this entire region of space had been in far more trouble than initially believed.

"Unfortunately the temporal shockwaves that encompass these anomalies are exceptionally powerful… strong enough to turn a ship as armoured as this one inside out in mere seconds. I have been forced to recalibrate my own modifications several times to insure that the ANUBIS does not suffer from any of the effects from these distortions in the space-time continuum," the Shillian explained with a tone of seriousness that only served to further emphasise the severity of the situation.

"Have you been able to better pin-point the source of these distortions?" Rikar inquired, the ability to know exactly where these anomalies were originating from could save the crew a great deal of trouble.

"Sorry Captain," Maya replied, her attention still focussed on her work. "As great as our sensors may be, there is no way for them to pierce through the intensity of the central zone of these distortions… the best I can offer is that the source is deep within the Asteroid Field of the YUDARA SECTOR and that we may have as little as 16 hours to put a stop to this before the fabric of space-time itself is ripped to shreds by the temporal tidal waves that are growing exponentially."

=/\= Sickbay to Captain Rikar, =/\= the voice of Doctor Summers was heard over the communications channel before the young woman had been given the chance to think of something to say in response to the scientist's comments.
"Go ahead Doctor," Rikar sighed.

=/\= He's awake, =/\= was all that the CMO said, knowing that nothing more had been needed.

"I'm on my way," Rikar announced before she reached up for her comm badge. "Rikar to Enaii… meet me in Sickbay."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63073.1535

In the world of Intel, interrogations were as common an occurrence as any other standard procedure… one of the rules in conducting a successful interrogation had always been the establishing of a clear level of control or supremacy. The young woman knew that her position as the ANUBIS' CO gave her a distinct advantage in such a situation, but again Drell the redheaded woman had been worried that her rank would not be sufficient to insure the complete cooperation of the FCO. So Rikar had decided to call upon one of the ANUBIS' greatest assets.

The moment the CO and ILO stepped into the room, the FCO's muscular body immediately responded by moving slightly away. Although there had been no outward hints to this, Enaii had been rather pleased with herself that her simple presence joined with her reputation had been enough to elicit such a reaction from the Klingon.

"Ensign Drell… I have no time to waste on this, so I will ask only once… what happened?" The young woman queried with a tone that bordered on that of a Romulan, a nuance that the ILO found rather enjoyable.

"That *thing* is no Klingon," Drell snarled as he looked over the CO's shoulder to shoot a glare at the man in question. "He may have the body of a Klingon, but his heart is NOT of my world."

"He's a pacifist," Enaii calmly offered, the evidence before her having been more than enough for the ILO to reach the only possible explanation.

The young woman glanced over at Enaii for a few seconds before she returned her eyes onto the sitting Klingon who clearly appeared unremorseful for his earlier action. "I should confine you to the brig for what you did… regardless of your personal beliefs you are a Starfleet Officer and a member of *my* crew and as such I expect more than what you have displayed. Because I cannot afford to have you away from your post at this time, you will be confined to your quarters while not on duty. Is that understood?"

"Yes… Sir," Drell growled softly as she slid off the biobed to stand at attention before the ANUBIS' CO and ExO.
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