"Heated Tempers"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, CMO's Office
Stardate: 63073.1455

"Here are the preliminary results," the aCMO said as she handed Lea a PADD. The Doctor reviewed the data and smiled. The Ensign had been tasked with a research on infectious diseases common to the YUDARA SECTOR. It had been with some visible relief that the CMO read that nothing major had been found in that area in decades.

"Captain Rikar will be happy to know this," Lea said. "I am sure that the last thing she would have wanted would be for the crew to be in this kind of danger. Have you had the chance to compile the rest of the research?" the CMO continued as she looked up to Ensign Lopez.

Adriana shook her head.  Although relatively simple, the research that had been given to her only a few minutes ago. "Bacterial and viral data is unfortunately not as readily available. I am having the computer do a thorough scan of all medical reports in the region," Adriana explained.

"Good work," Lea smiled, content with what her assistant had thus far accomplished. "Be sure to cross reference with medical logs of trade ships that frequently pass through the sector. They may have come across things that the local authorities were not aware of or simply ignored."

Adriana nodded and turned to leave but almost ran into a tired looking Kzinti Officer. "Hex! Are you alright?" the aCMO questioned immediately while helping her friend onto the nearest chair.

"I just need a cat-nap," the Kzinti officer weakly replied.

"Wow," Lea said as she rushed around her desk while opening a medical tricorder. "She must be really sick, she's developed a sense of humor."

Hex had barely the strength to shot a glare in the direction of the CMO before reluctantly accepting Adriana's help.

=/\= Bridge to Sickbay, is Ensign Fanggot alright? She just left her post without saying anything. Ensign Thomas tracked her movements to you,=/\= the CO said through the comm channel.

"She is here," the Doctor replied. "Let me perform a few tests and I'll get back to you.  Summers out."

After a full body scan the CMO motioned to the aCMO to help her bring the Sec/Tac Officer to one of the biobeds. Hex immediately began to fuss and argue against the two medical officers. "I just need something to get me through this shift, then I can go back to my quarters and sleep."

"Ensign Fanggot," Lea began in as a commanding voice as she could manage. "Your electrolytes and dangerously low and you need immediate rest. Added to this that you abandoned your post on the bridge leaves you with only two options."

"Court martial for having left my post without authorization or a medical certificate to explain what happened," Hex sighed. The Kzinti had been so out of it that only now had the consequences of her actions been realized.

"Come on," Adriana said in a friendly tone. "The biobed are not as uncomfortable as everyone thinks."

Although very weak, the Kzinti Sec/Tac officer continued to offer some level of resistance to the medical officers. Hex finally relaxed when a hypospray was applied against her neck by the CMO.  "This won't knock you out, but it should take the edge off. At least that way we'll be able to get something done without you fighting with us at every move."

Just as Lea had finished saying this the sounds of a all out fight filled the room. Everyone present turned to see Drell, the ANUBIS' FCO pounding with all of his might on Karg. The rescue Klingon appeared either unwilling or unable to offer any resistance and simply allowed himself to be a punching bag. Before Lea or Adriana could intervene, Hex had already jumped off the biobed and over the officer's heads.

There had been absolutely no doubts that agility had been one of the major attributes of the Kzinti people. From the biobed, Hex had managed to leap directly onto the FCO and knock him down to the ground. The Sec/Tac Officer had taken a battle stance when the effects of the hypospray truly began to take effect.

The battle between the Kzinti Sec/Tac and Klingon FCO ended before it had started as Hex collapsed onto the floor. Just as Drell had been ready to seek revenge for what had happened, the CMO applied a hypospray to the FCO's neck. A few seconds later the two warring parties were sound asleep on the floor of the ANUBIS' Sickbay.

"What was that all about?" Adriana asked of Karg who simple looked down onto the two sleeping forms before him.

When no reply came, Lea instructed her staff to move Drell and Hex to biobeds on opposite ends of the room. Maybe now the CMO would be able to get some answers as to what had actually happened in her Sickbay.

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer