"The Teacher Is In"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Crew Gymnasium
Stardate: 30149.0715

"Alright Ensign Ya'Han, let's see what it is that you are capable of."

Jayson had been on the edge of arrogance when he had spoken those words.  Their conflict, if such a harsh word could be used, had begun on the bridge when dealing with the Yxidii battle cruiser.  The Chief of Security saw them as the real enemy while the Chief of Operations saw the Akitashiinu as being the real threat.  In the end neither had been proven right or wrong, which may have been why he had been looking forward to this.

Their conflict would be resolved in one way, shape or form, and at the very least he would have closure on the matter.  As Jayson prepared himself he knew that Leena would not have approved of this, at least not of the confrontation part.  That he had actually wanted to interact with another living soul on a level beyond work and duty had been a step that he knew she would have supported.

The whispered voices of those who would be witness to this bout filled the large gymnasium to the point where it felt as if all eyes had been on the two officers.  Neither one of them wanted to look away for fear that it might give their opponent an edge.  As they began to circle for position, Jayson and Ya'Han grinned at each other, not in amusement but more out of an effort to get into the other's head.

The dance continued for several seconds, as each tried to get an advantage over the other or waiting for a mistake to be made.  That was when he lunged forward, when her feet were slightly more apart then they had previously been.  Jayson figured that this would leave his opponent off balance to respond to his attack.

The goal had not been to injure the Chief of Security, that would not have been proper. This little exercise had simply been meant to be a friendly bout between two members of the senior staff, something that they would both be able to look back and laugh about over time.

Jayson had been quick, taking hold of the black haired woman's arm in an attempt to pull her over his extended leg which would leave her heading face first for the matted floor.  The Chief of Operations actually smiled as he heard the cheers of those who had been watching this little confrontation.

The next thing Jayson saw was a bright light.  Confusion filled his thoughts as he tried to make sense of what he felt, namely the flat softness of a mat against *his* back.

"Are you alright?"

The Chief of Security asked as she leaned over the man whom she had knocked down with a single move.  The black haired woman had never been off balance and had actually used the strike against her to disable her attacker.

Jayson blinked a few times before bursting in laughter.

"I'm fine, although I think that my ego is going to take a while to heal from this."

"Tell you what, I'll help with the recovery efforts of the support crafts that are still on the moon's surface."

Ya'Han smiled as she extended a helping hand down to he man she had just knocked off his feet.  As annoying as Jayson Stark might have been at times, he had proven himself to being a decent individual.

"Maybe we could start with breakfast."

The Chief of Operations was shocked by the way the black haired woman had refused the offer, leaving him to wonder if it had been something he had said or something else entirely.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark