"Memories Always Cause Headaches..."
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1450

The Kzinti was deep in her own mind as she worked, checking and rechecking all the weapons, shields and everything in between. Complicated as it all seemed, Hex was experienced in working with less-than ordinary circumstances. The Ensign's fingers stopped flying over the control panel for a moment as she thought their situation over.

It was bad, but not the worst that could have happened. The crew was rescued, but what about the rest of the sector? The rest of the galaxy? The Kzinti's head started to spin as she thought of what could be happening on her own home planet. KZINTI PRIME wasn't big on changes, as Hex had experienced personally...


Setting: KZINTI PRIME, Outskirts of the village of Madrino
Time Index : 17 years ago

The young, female Kzinti was, for once, in a very good mood. Not only had she been successful on her very first hunt, but the youth had met a new friend in the process.

"Why is yours bigger than mine? That just can't be fair!" Sunali complained, stroking the fur of Hex's small rabbit-like creature fondly as it rested over her shoulder.

"I saw it first, so I got to get it Sunali, besides, yours is pretty big too you know. You mom will be very proud of you." Hex replied, giving her new friend one of her rare enchanting smiles.

Sunali smiled back, though his was more lop-sided than hers. The two Kzinti children laughed and talked all the way back to the village. It was when they entered that the commotion started.

Hex didn't notice it at first, just able to hear whispers and raised voices in the distance and nothing more. Then she saw them, the Keepers.

Most Keepers were kindhearted and meant well, but the ones controlling Madrino were ruthless and cruel, answering only to the High Priestess. Vladina ruled them with the iron fist of a true leader, but that didn't mean that they respected her daughter as any more than a priestess in training.

"You!" one shouted, moving closer to Sunali with surprising speed, "How dare you walk ahead of the young priestess! Don't you know how disrespectful that act is?"

Hex was taken aback by their sudden concern, but she also knew that it was misplaced when they considered Sunali a threat. The young Kzinti tried to tell them as much, but was caught up in a strong pair of arms by surprise.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" Sunali cried, kicking at one of the men who held him. It was a mistake, Hex knew it was.

Sunali was beaten for misconduct towards the authority, right in front of Hex. She cried out for them to stop, that it wasn't right, but no one would listen to the sobs of a youth, even if she was the priestess in training.

Change. Those who walked in front of the priestess were punished, no exceptions. Nothing would change here, nothing ever could. Hex was carried away toward home as Sunali's torture continued.

Her tears only showed themselves late that night in the confines of her room. There were too many things that needed to change, and Hex was afraid she couldn't do it all. She would need help, and she knew where to get it... 


Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1450

Blurry vision caught the fuzzball off guard as she literally pulled herself out of her tainted memories. Everything was spinning and her head hurt, pictures spun over her vision and the crew was getting more and more distorted.

The control security control panel seemed to disappear as she leaned forward to catch herself. Everything was suddenly as painful as her memories. Hex couldn't control anything around her, couldn't even see straight.

Without a second thought, the Kzinti stumbled away from her panel, aware of curious looks and calls as she headed for SickBay. [[It's just lack of sleep, all I need are a few pills or something to keep me awake...]] Hex thought, stumbling her way over to the turbo lift.


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