"Observations and Questions"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63073.1445

The aCMO watched with interest as the ANUBIS' FCO and Sickbay's latest patient exchange a few whispered words.  Judging by the expression on their faces the two Klingons had been in the midst of a mild disagreement or maybe just a difference of opinion on a specific matter.  Either way the level of friction between them had been unmistakable and left the ensign hoping that it would not escalade, the last thing Adriana wanted to deal with had been a physical fight that she had no hope in stopping.

"There is something odd about that Karg," Doctor Summers said as she joined her assistant in observing the pair.  "I haven't put my finger on it yet, but that Klingon just doesn't seem to fit the norm."

"Did you find something new on the medical scans?" Ensign Lopez asked with a smile, all of their previous scans having confirmed that the Klingon genuinely belonged to this time and dimension, yet the feeling had not been the aCMO's alone.  Adriana had been happy to see that Doctor Summers had felt the same way about the Klingon and had hoped that she CMO had discovered some tangible proof to support their feelings.

"No," the CMO sighed, her eyes glued on the patient in question. "There is no medical proof that he is something other than appears, yet I can't shake the feeling that there is something different about him.  Maybe it's nothing more than the fact that he was on a Romulan ship," Doctor Summers said, the mystery surrounding their patient having been no closer to being solved.

Adriana continued her observation of the two Klingons while the CMO returned to her office.  After a little while Ensign Lopez grinned to herself as she thought of Ensign Dalziel and her duties as the ANUBIS's CNS.  It seemed that there had been an unwritten prerequisite for coming onboard the Intel ship either as a crew member or as a passenger; that of having a secret that could not be openly revealed.

Since it was obvious that the Klingon pair would continue this little exchange for quite some time, the aCMO decided to give them a little more privacy while she busied herself with various tasks that had been given to the Ensign by Doctor Summers.

Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, T'kon Temple
Stardate: 63073.1445

Although the Efrosian had spent all of his time inside the fabled temple, Kane had become increasingly aware of the disturbances that were taking place in the streets of the trade center.  The priest's first instinct had been to go and investigate, maybe even assist in restoring order, but something had kept him where he had been.

The temple had been the reason why he had come to this sector of space, and although he could not understand why the Efrosian knew that his presence within the sacred walls of the structure had been required.

"Priest!" A strange black-robed individual who had appeared behind Kane said.  Not used to being surprised in any matter, the mediating priest quickly jumped to his feet and turned to face the man. Disbelief filled Ojall's soul as his eyes fell onto a sight that could not have been real.  "I require your assistance," the black-robed man added but still received no response from the stunned Efrosian.

Ojall tried to speak but the sight of the black-robed man had simply been more than the Efrosian had been able to deal with.  Had this been some sort of hallucination?

"Forces are gathering outside this temple," the black-robed man said with authority.  "I require your assistance to defend our sacred ground and push back the invaders.  Will you help?"

Unable to come to terms with what his eyes had seen and his ears had heard, Ojall eventually gave in and bowed to the black-robed man who appeared and acted exactly as the T'kon guardians had been said to so many thousand years ago.

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Ensign Adriana Lopez
Assistant Chief Medical Officer