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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Captain's Ready Room
Stardate: 63073.1430

The young woman sat at her desk… her chin rested in the palm of her left hand while her eyes diligently scrutinized to most recent holographic display of the region of space the ANUBIS had been traveling through with all due urgency. Things it seemed had gone from bad to worse, and there had been nothing that the valiant crew of the Intel vessel could do other than watch in utter disbelief… and hope.

"Captain's personal log," the redhead began once she had reached over to a small control panel on her desk, "Stardate 63073.1435... What a mess. It has been an hour since we have crossed into Gorn space and so far our long-ranger sensors have picked up more than a dozen battles opposing ships that belong as much in this time as Leonardo Da Vinci. At least Ensign Fanggot was able to get a little target practice when a half dozen fossil-fuel propelled missiles suddenly appeared in our path. The nuclear explosion that followed proved to be a none-issue for our ablative armour but the light show was enjoyed by many. Ensign Thomas feared that the explosion might draw unnecessary attention to the sector but everyone else in this region of space had apparently been too busy with their respective issues to even notice what had happened.

I can only guess as to the state of the YUDARA SECTOR, the asteroid field and the trading post on it… all that I can do is hope that we will get there in time. No pun intended."

With a press of a control the CO ended the recording of her thoughts which allowed for the young woman to divert her attention onto another matter.

"Ensign Dalziel, could I see you in my Ready Room when you have a moment?"

=/\= I will be right there Captain, =/\= the Cardassian born Counsellor quickly replied, not having considered for a moment to make the ANUBIS' CO wait… whatever her reasons might have been.

The moment the door chime rang, the young woman opened the door remotely and allowed the ANUBIS' Counsellor to enter, the Bajoran looking woman seemed a little nervous, unsure as to the reasons why she had been summoned to the CO's office. "Come in Ensign… I just wanted to check in with you and make sure that you have been made to feel at home on our little vessel… and maybe taken the chance to know some of the crew a little better."

"Thank you Captain," Eve offered with a distinct tone of reservation. "Permission to speak freely," the Counsellor added after a few lengthy seconds of silence.

"The old Intel philosophy claims that 'loose lips sink ships'," the redheaded woman stated with a rather amused smile dancing on her pink lips. "Although I may believe this to be true in certain circumstances, I personally believe that silence between officers can be even more dangerous. Everyone on this crew may speak their mind at any given time without worries… I appreciate candour and honesty," the young woman explained as she leaned back into her chair.

"Thank you Captain," Eve stated with a grin before she proceeded with what she had intended to say. "The ANUBIS may be a great many things, but *little* is not an adjective that I would use to describe it in any manner, and as for having been made to feel at home… I will just say that I definitively feel *needed*."

"I'm guessing that your meeting with Ensign Lopez, Ensign Fanggot, Lt. Fairborn and Lt. Cmdr. Maya proved to be enlightening," the redhead grinned like a Cheshire Cat… it was clear that as the CO of the ANUBIS there had been little that took place onboard the vessel without Rikar knowing something about it. "Do not worry Ensign, my knowing your itinerary has nothing to do with my keeping an eye on you… it was just that my own interest, as a former Cns, ventured onto those same officers."

"So I'm guessing that any standard Counselling technique or trick would be wasted on you," Eve offered with a grin.

"Counsellor," Rikar retaliated with an almost shocked expression. "You know as well as I do that a reply to any question or statement, be it a tried and true or one completely unexpected can reveal a great deal about an individual… that said though I suspect that you not only knew this but thought to test me on my reaction."

Eve simply shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "I guess you could call it a levelled playing field in our current situation," the Cardassian born woman offered as she eased herself into one of the two chairs located in front of the CO's desk. "Ensign Lopez is dealing with her missing sister as best she can given our situation… and is somewhat concerned about her ability to perform to the crew's needs and expectations. Ensign Fanggot is also dealing with ghosts from her past, but hers seem to drive her to perform instead of the opposite. Lt. Fairborn is a unique individual who seems happiest when he has more to do than considered possible… and as for Lt. Cmdr. Maya, I was forced to cut my visit with her short."

"You caught her in one of her usual explanatory moods," Rikar said almost laughing, the Shillian's ability to describe the smallest possible details of the universe in a hundred thousand words had become almost legendary onboard the ANUBIS. "Counsellor… I need you to be perfectly honest with me… this ship and crew is about 5 hours from being hip deep in a situation that could easily send everyone to the funny farm. From your dealing with them, do you believe they are ready and able to face what we may encounter in the YUDARA SECTOR?"

Ensign Dalziel took several moments to consider her reply, but eventually offered a slow nod of her head before she spoke. "This crew is like no other, and it is my professional opinion that they will all be able to perform to your expectations when the time comes."

Rikar smiled and invited the Ensign to return to her duties without actually uttering a word, an invitation that Eve cordially accepted to leave the ANUBIS' CO once again to her own thoughts.

As soon as the door closed being the Counsellor, Rikar spun her chair to one side and spoke. "What do you think?" the CO inquired to what had first seemed to be an invisible presence in the room, a presence which soon manifested itself in the form of a hologram. The ILO turned to look at her mate but said nothing, instead Enaii just sighed and terminated the holographic projection. "Guess that's as warm an endorsement as can be expected from her," the redheaded woman chuckled.

The CO stood from her chair and made her way onto the Bridge of the ANUBIS where she scanned the deck to see everyone busy with their respective tasks… the only person who seemed a little out of place had been Doctor Summers. The blonde haired woman had apparently been waiting to speak to the Captain for some reason.

"How is your patient Doctor?" Rikar inquired as she made her way to the central chair.

"He's fine… I am just a little worried about him," Lea admitted. "He's very distant and doesn't seem to act like a normal Klingon."

"Is there such a think as a *normal* Klingon?" The COO mumbled to himself, unfortunately loud enough for the CO, CMO and FCO to hear.

"Doctor, if you believe that it may help, I will be happy to release Ensign Drell from his duties for a short while so that he can assist you in whatever way possible," the CO offered having thought that maybe Karg would be more responsive to kindred spirit.

"It can't hurt to try," Doctor Summers nodded before she fell into step with the Klingon FCO who had acknowledged the CO's instructions.

Once the FCO and CMO had vanished inside the turbo lift, the redheaded woman opened a comm channel from her chair. "Ensign Mitshiba, could you report to the Bridge… I have a job for you." 

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