"Temporal Pretzel and Other Time Bending Terms"
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Setting: Space, Gorn / Federation Border
Stardate: 63073.1330
Under the protection of the deployed ablative armour, the USS ANUBIS easily crossed into Gorn territory undetected by the sentry drones that regularly patrolled the border. The fact had been that even had the Federation Intel vessel not been so well hidden from sight and sensors, the sentries would have likely not been able to lock onto the encroaching ship had they even been right on top of it. Space and time in this sector had been turned into a frenzy of temporal anomalies all of which seemed in conflict with one another to reshape the space-time continuum to an independent will.
Unaffected by these temporal anomalies thanks to the modifications made to both the ablative armour and bio-regenerative hull, the USS ANUBIS pressed on deeper into Gorn space and towards what the crew had hope had been the source of all these time distortions.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 12, Astrophysics Lab
Stardate: 63073.1330
"Here is the latest data gathered by the mid-range and long-range sensors," Ensign Mitshiba announced as she entered the Astrophysics Lab and handed a single PADD to the Shillian Scientist who appeared overly preoccupied with a set of data of her own.
"You could have transmitted this directly to my console," the Chief Science Officer stated without ever taking her eyes off the complex set of numbers and formulas that were scrolling on both the display in front of her and below her fingers. "Under normal circumstances I would have explained the importance of being efficient and not wasting time by hand-delivering such information, but given what we are currently witnessing, time it seems has lost all relative meaning. I mean there are anomalies out there in which time is standing perfectly still and a few more where things are actually happening *backwards*. Whatever the cause of these temporal irregularities is, we need to find it and put a stop to it before things get worse, if that is actually possible."
"Sorry," the Assistant Chief Science Officer quietly offered as the PADD was taken from her hand. The truth had been that Ensign Mitshiba had wanted to see what else the Shillian Scientist had discovered about the state of the space-time continuum in this region, the Asian Assistant having found several rather disturbing instances from the Quantum Physics Lab from which she had arrived. "It almost looks like some regions of space have been folded onto themselves," Mitshiba stated as she reviewed some of the formulas and numbers that had been scrolling on the larger screen.
"Actually," the head of the Science Department of the USS ANUBIS began, her attention still not having diverted from her current research, "It would be more accurate to say that these regions of space had been turned into a sort of temporal pretzel in which time flows at various different rates from the established galactic norm."
"Temporal pretzel?" Ensign Mitshiba repeated rather shocked by the unexpected words selected by the Shillian Scientist. "Just another reason why I hate those things," the Assistant Chief Science Officer added in a rather weak attempt to lighten the mood.
"No need to worry Ensign," the Shillian continued in all seriousness. "If this rate of change remains constant, and if the data that you have just handed me is accurate as I believe it to be, this region of space will be more like an 'Orion Crushed Black Pea' soup than a pretzel in about thirty six hours."
"Remind me why I wanted to be back in this line of work again?" the Asian Assistant rhetorically asked while she silently wondered if the crew of the USS ANUBIS had what it took to get to the bottom of this situation and solve the matter before all of the star maps would need to be modified to show a large 'Pea Soup' sector of space where the Gorn Hegemony once stood.

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