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"A Different Life"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ensign Ya'Han's Quarters
Stardate: 30148.2100

With her head still spinning and her muscles aching, the black haired Chief of Security had made her way to her quarters.  It was only when Ya'Han had actually stepped inside that she realized that this had been the first time she had been here.  The quarters she had expected to find had been the ones that had been assigned on the MA'AT, and those had been tiny when compared to what the Ensign had been looking at.

"Someone must have made a mistake," the Chief of Security gasped, certain that she had walked into quarters meant for visiting dignitaries or a Fleet Admiral.  Quickly the black haired woman stepped back into the corridor and compared the identification of the room to what she had been given.

"Something wrong with your quarters?" the Chief of Operations asked, the confusion on the woman's face having been unmistakable.

"None other than the fact that whoever assigned me to these quarters made a huge mistake," Ya'Han grunted back having wished for nothing else than to be able to sit and rest.

"I can assure you that there was no mistake, these are your quarters," Jayson said with a playful grin and chuckle.

"You know this for a fact do you?" the Chief of Security huffed with annoyance certain that the other Ensign had been playing her for a fool.

"I do," Stark confirmed.  "As Chief of Operations I am responsible for managing the ship's resources, and crew quarters fall under that definition. Regular crew quarters are handled by others in my department, but those for the senior staff are my direct responsibility.  So I can assure you that there was no mistake, these are your quarters."

"Even as a senior officer I never expected to ever be lodged in a room like that," Ya'Han said having put aside her previous annoyance.

"The mission profile of the ANUBIS may require us to be on board for months at a time, so

it makes sense to insure the comfort of the crew," the Operations Officer explained as he made his way into his own quarters which interestingly enough had been directly opposite to those of the Chief of Security.  "This ship is meant to be your home, not just a place that you go to work at every day."

"Next you are going to tell me that the rest of the crew is meant to be my family?" the black haired Chief of Security huffed again, her personal history not having been so great when it came to family matters.

"That is not for me to say," the Chief of Operations replied, the playful grin still hanging on his lips, "but this of it this way, would you prefer to have your life in the hands of fellow co-workers and shipmates or in the hands of someone who sees you as more than a simple friend?"

Ya'Han found herself unable to reply to the simple question.  Of course she had wanted to be able to count on people who would be more than simple friends to her, but making such friends and not been an easy task for the runaway daughter of the High Sovereign of NYLA IV.  Memories of her home world and of her escape and journey from it made the Chief of Security lose track of time until she noticed that she had been standing alone in the corridor for an undetermined amount of time.

Returning into the quarters that had been confirmed as having been hers, the black haired woman tried her best to dismiss the feelings that had began to take a hold of her.  This ship and its crew were not like anything else she had been exposed to during her escape from the worlds within the Ferengi Alliance, and although it had been a long time the emotional scars of her escape were still very much present.

Fighting back tears Ya'Han made her way into her bedroom and to the mirror that hung on the far wall.  Escape had been the only possible choice or she would have been forced to marry that Ferengi troll for no other reason than to strengthen the economical bounds of her world.  As the daughter of the High Sovereign it had been her duty to act for the greater good of her family and people, but that had not been the life she had wanted for herself.

As the Chief of Security dried the few tears that had fallen from her eyes she looked into the mirror to see the unmistakable mark of her heritage and of the life she had forsaken.  The bright purple of her hair had been an inescapable reminder of her past and actions two things that she had been more than happy to leave behind.

With a gentle shake of her head, the royal purple gave way to the fiery red of what Ya'Han considered to be the closest field to match her role and responsibilities on board the USS ANUBIS.  This is the life she had wanted for herself, and this had been the place she had wished to be to make her life hers.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer