"Something Old"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, a dark room
Stardate: 63073.1330   

It had been three hours since Mortina had heard her name yelled out telepathically. Three hours since she had turned around to see someone she had never expected to see. Three hours since she had felt the cold kiss of a hypospray against her neck. Three hours that had felt like a never-ending eternity.

Why her captors had decided to have a digital clock on the wall had been a mystery that Mortina had been unable to solve. All that the Betazoid knew was that three hours ago she had been abducted to be brought here. Wherever *here* was. The room contained nothing more than an uncomfortable bed, a single ceiling light, a locked door and a digital clock embedded in the wall. More important though had been that she had been unable to communicate telepathically with anyone.

At one point Mortina had thought that she had seen one of the walls shimmer as if it had been an illusion. Her hands quickly dismissed that possibility as they touched cold solid stone. Later a small white rabbit hopped across the floor, disappearing as easily as it had appeared. The woman theorized that the hypospray had been loaded with more than a simple sedative. That idea was further strengthened when she suddenly found herself back on the bridge of her ship, only to return to the room a few seconds later.

Mortina had done her best to remain in control of her emotions. Fear and even panic would not served her interest at this time especially knowing her captors. This had likely been a game, a way for them to test her patience and inner strength. That or this had all been meant to slowly drive the Betazoid into a state of insanity.  Her only consolation had been that no strange vision had disturbed her solitude for nearly two hours now.

[[Hope they haven't forgotten about me,]] Mortina thought to herself, not truly believing her own words. [[I would hate to starve here and not be given a reason as to why.]]

~We could never forget about you Mortina,~ an icy voice echoed in the Starfleet Officer's mind.  ~Not after what you did to us.~  After having experienced such silence in her mind, the unexpected voice had almost been too much for the Betazoid to handle. As cold as ice and as powerful as a photon torpedo, the officer actually had to reach for the nearest wall to steady herself.

Mortina took in a slow, deep breath to help with her efforts to regain her composure. [[I did nothing *to* you,]] the woman thought as she scanned to room with her eyes. Had they simply been listening in on her thoughts or had they been watching? [[It was an accident, a combination of misunderstanding and lousy timing.]]

The Starfleet Officer had been ready to continue pleading her case when the single light suddenly went out. Seconds later the sound of metal sliding against metal filled the room. Like nails on a chalkboard the sound had been atrocious and send shivers down Mortina's spine. When the light returned, a small plate of food had appeared near one of the walls.

~You have nothing to worry about in regards to you starving,~ the voice said in a quieter tone, almost laughing. ~We have a far more painful destiny in mind for you.~

Again the Betazoid did her best to control her emotions, almost wishing that she had been Vulcan instead. To show fear or feel concern for her wellbeing would have played directly into their hands. Mortina had no idea what they had planned for her, but one thing had been sure, they had been in no rush to make her discover her fate.

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Lt. Lea Summers
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