"Did Not See That One Coming"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.1940

The red hue of the alert condition bathed the entirety of the bridge and its occupants as the combat systems of the USS ANUBIS were brought to full readiness.  To fight for whatever reason had never been something that the Shillian Scientist had been in favour of, but experience had long taught the Lieutenant Commander of the foolishness of not being ready for the worst while still holding on to the hopes for the best.

"Reading the phase variance at 11.203, and still dropping," the Chief of Operations announced, his attention having been divided between the interference field surrounding the moon and the five rapidly approaching vessels.

"At that rate those Akitashiinu ships are going to be well on top of us before the phase variance drops to below 10," the Chief of Security and Tactical Officer said, not to indicate a weakness in their plan, but to insure that everyone had been aware that the ANUBIS would likely be faced with a combat situation before anything else. "The Akitashiinu ships will be in optimum firing range of the Yxidii battle cruiser in eight seconds," Ya'Han added, her fingers hovering over the tactical controls ever so ready to act should the Acting First Officer give the order.

"Phase variance at 10.998," Ensign Stark said as he continued the verbal readout of the sensor data, while he silently wished that the numbers had been moving a lot faster than they had been.

A short pause of complete silence filled the crimson lit command deck as everyone readied themselves for what would happen next.

"All five Akitashiinu ships have engaged the Yxidii battle cruiser," the raven haired Chief of Security said, the hesitation in her voice having been meant only for the second part of her report.  "None of the ships seem to be interested in us."

"Good, helm," the Shillian Acting First Officer began, not wanting to lose the opportunity that they had apparently been handed.  "Move us back and get the ANUBIS to be in a direct line-of-sight of the moon.  Tactical, keep an eye on those ships and report any movements made in our direction."

Using lateral thruster the USS ANUBIS slid towards the port side adding some distance between them and the battle while at the same time enabling the Federation ship to get the line-of-sight it had so desperately needed to be able to pinpoint its missing officers.

"The Akitashiinu are not pulling any punches on this one," Ensign Ya'Han announced, the fierceness of the battle having been far greater than anything she had witnessed before between the two races.

"Phase variance now at 10.547 and still dropping," Ensign Stark announced from the Operations station, a distinct tone of disappointment having laced his words. By now every officer present on the bridge had been itching to hear that number finally make it to something to be less than the minimum limit that had been set.

"Commander!" the Chief of Security and Tactical Officer called out in a hurry. "The Yxidii cruiser is altering its course and is heading straight for us."

"Are they trying to force us to get involved in their fight?" the Chief of Operations asked out of disbelief, not at all having expected such a manoeuvre from the alien race.

"That or they have noticed that we now have a clear line to the moon," Ya'Han hissed, her dislike for the blue skinned alien race having only grown in the last few seconds.  "They probably figured that they will be able to stop us before those Akitashiinu ships can fully disable them."

"Alright, if they want us involved, we will oblige them," the Acting First Officer said as she took in a deep breath.  "Helm, trusters ahead full.  Take us in to the moon and get us as close as possible.  Hopefully when the phase variance drops to below 10 we will be able to get a lock on the away team and lower the shield long enough to beam them back on board."

"Always wanted to play chicken with a small moon," Ensign Stark said to no one in particular as the USS ANUBIS began to move forward towards the astral body that they had been orbiting since the start of this mission.  "Phase variance now at 10.273."

"All forward sensor to maximum sensitivity," the Shillian ordered knowing very well that the accuracy of those systems would be put to the test should everything come to pass as she had hoped it would.  "Transporter rooms 1 and 2, stand by to beam up the away team as soon as we get a positive lock on them."

"Impact with the surface of the moon in 15 seconds," the Chief of Security announced, never having expected that the moon would become a bigger threat than the Yxidii or the Akitashiinu.

"Phase variance now at... zero?" Stark said, not believing his own words as they crossed his lips.

"Ensign, confirm what you have just said," the Shillian demanded, certain that some sort of error had been made.

"I do not understand how this is Commander, but the interference field has completely dissipated," the Chief of Operations reported with astonishment. "Sensors are now picking up six humanoid life forms several meters below the surface of the moon."

"USS ANUBIS to Captain Morningstar," the Acting First Officer said as she opened a channel before standing from the central chair.  "Stand by to be beamed on board."

=/\= Negative! Beam everyone else but myself, =/\= came the unexpected reply from the Commanding Officer.

"Captain," the Shillian said with understandable surprise, "we may not have another opportunity.  The Yxidii and Akitashiinu are fighting up here and there is no way to know if or when the interference field will return and prevent us from getting another transporter lock."

=/\= You have your orders Commander, =/\= Captain Morningstar said in a tone that the Shillian had seldom heard from the normally passive and collected man.  =/\= Carry them out! =/\=

"Tactical, lower shields. Bridge to transporter room 1, lock on to all signals except for that of the Captain and energize," the Acting First Officer ordered, the words having barely been able to be spoken due to the realization of what the Shillian had done.

"Impact with the surface of the moon is 6 seconds," the Chief of Security stated, certain that the reality of their situation had been all too obvious as per the display on the main view screen.

=/\= Transporter room 1 to bridge, transport complete, we have everyone on board save the Captain. =/\=

"Helm, bring us back up and away from the Yxidii cruiser," the Shillian Acting First Officer ordered before she turned to the raven haired Chief of Security and Tactical Officer.  "Bring the shields back up.  Now all we can do is wait and see what the Captain has in mind."


Jessica Solarik

Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)